Some Interestingly Preserved Corpses…

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The California Institute of Abnormalarts, located in Los Angeles, California, is home to many strange things. One of the most interesting attractions is the mummy of a deceased circus performer who went by the name of Achile Chatouilleu.

Achile, who’s name means “French tickler”, passed away back in 1912. His wish was to be preserved in his favorite clown costume, in full makeup, the whole nine yards. The chemicals used to preserve him, including arsenic, have left his remains in nearly perfect condition even more than 100 years later. It’s truly incredible!

While we are on the subject of interesting corpses. This girl donning this stunning ceramic wreath was buried between 300-400 BC. This is how she looks today, wreath fully intact. Both the girl and her wreath can be seen at the New Archaeological Museum of Patras, Greece.

And lastly, Rosalia Lombardo AKA Sleeping Beauty. This child passed away from pneumonia back in 1920, she was only two years old. Her father, General Lombardo, couldn’t stand the thought of burying his precious little girl in the ground. He hired an embalmer to preserve his daughter then they placed her inside a specially made glass coffin. She was one of the last to be accepted into the Capuchin catacombs of Palermo in Sicily, and she can be seen there today.

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3 Replies to “Some Interestingly Preserved Corpses…”

  1. I always found Rosalia Lombardo to be interesting. I saw on a show about her, that at times her eyes will open, which they showed. I always found that to be spooky!

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