Amanda Todd & Katelyn Davis

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Amanda Todd and Katelyn Davis.

Do y’all remember 12 year old Katelyn Nicole Davis, from Georgia? Katelyn hung herself from a tree on December 30th of 2016; she streamed the entire thing live.

Katelyn was unlike the majority of her peers, wise well beyond her years. Her mother, Tammy Michelle Rogers, was an unemployed drug dealing addict. Mother was very neglectful and abusive; Katelyn had younger siblings which the preteen was forever in charge of while Mom was out doing God knows what with her (allegedly) abusive pedophile boyfriend, Anthony Lee Rogers Sr.

Katelyn was brought up in severe poverty, she often didn’t even have the things she needed to go to school. She tried to join the National Leaders Association for Young Leaders, which would ensure that she made it to college, but mom’s boyfriend told her that she was too stupid to join; this man even went so far as to light those precious papers on fire right in front of Katelyn. Not long before her suicide, Katelyn claimed that this man attempted to sexually assaulted her; he beat her with a studded belt, and at one point he actually told this child to go hang herself.

I must use the word “alleged” when speaking of this abuse, but Katelyn recorded much of the emotional abuse she suffered at the hands of the adults who were supposed to protect her. She even posted these videos online under the name ITZDolly, the preteen was an active vlog/blogger. Katelyn lived in a run down place with holes in her walls, her room would become soaked when it rained. The child had absolutely no privacy, forced to hide in the bathtub to make her videos (note the shower curtain in one of the pics). Katelyn suffered from debilitating anxiety and depression; she spoke of suicide often in her blog.

The one and only person Katelyn felt like she had in this whole wide world was an online boyfriend, a 19 year old from Massachusetts named Luke Callahan. Come to find out, this boyfriend and his friends were all catfish. Just days before her suicide, the two broke up; it does appear that he was a predator who sexually harassed her. This, along with everything else going on in this 12 year olds life, it was all just too much for her to handle.


n December 30th, Katelyn decided to end it all. During the live suicide video, you can see the middle school student walking until she comes to a tree. She sets her camera down, ties a noose, stands on a bucket, and it continues to record as she hangs herself. Thankfully we can not see the actual hanging, but you know what’s going on. Poor kid, she really didn’t see any other way out. In the end, you hear people screaming her name, searching for her. Even during this 42 minute live stream she was bullied, this time by a Moroccan person named AB Tarik.

Katelyn’s story went viral after her death, and many really went after Katelyn’s mom and boyfriend. Again, it must be said that they denied all allegations, of course!

Amanda Todd
Amanda was a 15 year old girl who posted a flash card video on social media about her life and problems. One month later she was found dead of suicide in her Canadian home.

Amanda described using webcam chats to meet new friends online. A kid her age really is no match for an adult predator; Amanda was flattered by these people, they told how beautiful she was, and her new “friends” pressured her to flash them. She eventually did as she was asked.
That’s how it all began. Soon after the flashing incident, Amanda received a Facebook message from a man she did not know saying that if she did not put on a “show” for him, he would send the photo of her bare chest to everyone she knew, to all of her family and school mates. Amanda refused; over the Christmas break, police visited to the teen’s home at 4 am to inform her that the man had followed through on his threat. The photo had been sent to literally everyone she knew.
“I then got really sick and got anxiety, major depression and panic disorders,” she wrote in her flashcard video. “I then moved and got into drugs and alcohol.”

A year after moving, Amanda said things were going better – until the man on Facebook found her again and used the photo of her bare chest as his profile picture. Amanda said she “cried every night, lost all my friends and respect people had for me again. I can never get that photo back,” she wrote, “It’s out there forever.”

Amanda described being called names, eating lunch alone at school and resorting to self harm. She also told the story of an incident where she made another mistake and hooked up with a boy at her school who’d had a girlfriend; she had been lead to believe that this boy truly cared about her, but he didn’t.

A week after that mistake, Amanda received a text message telling her to get out of school. Then a group of students, led by the boy’s girlfriend, surrounded her at school and said, “Look around, nobody likes you.” The girlfriend of the boy she’d slept with then beat her up. After the fight, Amanda’s Dad found her in a ditch; not knowing how to handle all this, Amanda attempted to end it all. The teenager went home and actually drank bleach. She was rushed to the hospital to have her stomach pumped.
Amanda said: “After I got home, all I saw was on Facebook ‘She deserved it. Did you wash the mud out of your hair? I hope she’s dead!”.

Amanda moved to another school in another city, but the torture followed her through Facebook. Students posted photos of ditches and suggested she chug more bleach. In October of 2012, Amanda did succeed in her suicide; she hung herself.

There have been a couple arrests involving Amanda’s death, the man who extorted her is one of them.

What are your thoughts? What kind of Justice should there be in these types of cases? One thing is for sure, with social media today’s youth has it harder than any prior generations did.

About Katelyn’s abusive stepdad:

The flash card video Amanda posted in which she told her story:

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