Gao Chengyong, AKA “China’s Jack The Ripper”.

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Baiyin, China

Gao murdered 11 girls and women between 1988 and 2002, each of his victims had been wearing red on the day they were killed. Gao followed them home during daylight hours and attacked while they were home alone. These females were stabbed multiple times, their throats were slit, they were sexually assaulted, and mutilated. No, not necessarily in that particular order; some were sexually assaulted and mutilated after death, others while still alive. In multiple victims, including an 8 year old girl, reproductive organs were completely removed; some were missing hands and breasts, one victim had been stabbed 26 times.

This vicious killer would likely never have been caught had his uncle not found himself on the wrong side of the law, arrested on a bribery charge; DNA was taken while uncle was imprisoned, and that DNA proved that he was closely related to the serial killer who police had been searching for. Gao was arrested at the grocery store which he and his wife had been in charge of; according to police, the killer did confess to the murders.

As is often the case, everyone who knew Gao was in utter shock after learning he was a killer. Gao was known as a patient and loving man who had diligently cared for his father when he became ill. He’d been happily married to his wife, Zhang Qingfeng, for thirty years; together the couple had raised two sons. Come to find out, Gao had taken his first victim’s life in the same year his wife had given birth to their oldest son.

Gao was put to death on January third of 2019; the method of execution remains unclear. Perhaps it was something particularly gruesome and outlawed, maybe lingchi? Considering what he did to an 8 year old child, he deserved to suffer.

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