Richard Andrew Poplawski

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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Richard Andrew Poplawski was an intelligent young man who didn’t really have much direction in life. He’d been kicked out of the Marines for throwing a chow tray at a drill sergeant during boot camp; he’d dropped out of dental school, tried his hand at making a living with computers yet none of his endeavors ever seemed to work out.

At 22 years of age Richard had been living with his mom and grandma; the women who loved this young man had no clue that he’d been on such a dark path. Richard had secretly become a member of Stormfront, an online community of white supremacists. He posted often of his hatred, and uploaded photos of a secret arsenal he owned which included firearms, ammo, and even a bulletproof vest. Richard even had a secret place in the woods which has been described as his campsite. The site was really just a shack with no running water or electricity, but this is where Richard went to train himself for combat. For quite some time he’d been gearing up for war, and he was about to get his opportunity.

Richard’s “camp”

On April 4th of 2009, Richard and his mother, Margaret, quarreled over his pit bull defecating inside the house. The Mother and son’s relationship had recently grown volatile, and Margaret wanted Richard out of the house; the mother summoned the police.

Mother Margaret

When officers arrived on the scene, they’d been expecting a simple domestic dispute; there’s no way they could’ve imagined what they were walking into.

Richard, knowing that law enforcement were on their way, promptly prepared for battle. He grabbed his weapons, donned his bulletproof vest, and waited for law enforcement to show.

Officer Sciullo was immediately blasted 4 times in the head as he approached the doorway to the residence; Officer Mayhle was shot seconds later. Officer Eric Kelly had been driving home after his night shift, but he came running when he heard the call for help; this brave man was shot trying to help his two injured brothers in blue. Officer Timothy McManaway arrived a short time later and was shot as he tried to help Officer Kelly.

Officer McManaway was able to seek cover and return fire. SWAT arrived soon after this, along with more backup; Richard continued to fire and police were still unable to rescue their fellow injured officers.

This standoff lasted 3-4 hours, altogether 400 bullets were spent. In the end, Richard did surrender, but only after he was shot in the leg. Officers Kelly, Sciullo, and Mayhle all perished from their injuries; 2 others were injured and survived. This incident was the 2nd deadliest attack on law enforcement to happen in the US since 9/11.

Richard was scheduled to meet his maker via lethal injection on March 3rd of 2017, but it was stayed. It doesn’t look like a new date has been set as of yet.

As always, I will update when I hear more.

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