Tarred And Feathered

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Tarring and feathering has been dated back to the crusades but was still used even through the 1900’s. This was a very popular method of punishment in Europe, but was also prominent here in the US.

Tarring and feathering was a punishment used for a wide variety of sins stretching from political views, religious beliefs, down to what was seen as social wrongs. For example, if a person were to have an adulterous affair, they may have tarred and feathered.

Though some victims did die by this type of punishment, death was not the goal; the purpose of this was usually pain and public humiliation.

The attacking mob would often strip the victim to his/her waist, and the hot tar would either be poured or painted on. The feathers were usually readily available as most people owned a pillow; sometimes the victim would be forced to roll in the feathers, but most often people would simply throw them at their target. All of this really just depended on the mob. To further humiliate, they’d usually parade the offender through town, often a beating would be given, and the victim was likely to be left tied somewhere for everyone could see.

From what I gather, this incident occurred in 2007 Belfast. The victim, in his 30s, was accused of being a drug dealer, among other things. Two masked men attacked; the victim was tarred, feathered, and left chained to a pole. This obviously happened in broad daylight, in a busy area; people watched as it happened.

Very often the surviving victim would be warned to leave town – or else.

This is John Meints, a German immigrant farmer living in Minnesota during WW1. He was tarred and feathered for the crime of not supporting war bond drives.

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