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UPDATE! These children have been found! Their father had taken off with them, to Florida. He’s now in custody, and the children are safe with their grandparents. We so rarely get a happy ending in these sorts of cases; it’s nice, isn’t it? I want to thank everyone who helped to spread the word about these children, you helped.

This case is very dear to me, because a friend of mine is related to and loves these children. We need your help with bringing 8 year old old Jaxon Townsend and his little sister, Josie Townsend, home where they belong.

Jaxon and Josie

Jaxon and his Josie have been through a lot; their mother passed away a year or so ago from breast cancer, and their grandparents, Dan and Joy Newton, have since been granted shared custody. On December 17th the children’s father, Gary Daniel Townsend, was ordered to turn the children over to their grandmother on the 20th. Instead of following the judge’s order, Gary took the children and disappeared. A warrant has since been issues for the arrest of Gary Townsend.

This photo is Gary Townsend was taken more than 7 years ago

Police have stated that they believe these children may be in danger, if nothing else they are not in school and have been forced into hiding. There’s reason to believe that they may be in Oklahoma or Illinois. That said, they could be literally anywhere.

The family just wants to know that these children are okay. They’ve all been through so much, and it’s time to bring these kids home. It doesn’t hurt to share a photo of these children, it doesn’t cost a dime. Share this article or another, and help bring Josie and Jaxon home where they belong.

UPDATE! We have reason to believe these children may be in Florida!

If you have any information at all, please call the Guthrie Oklahoma Police Department at 405-282-3535.

I will update the moment I have news. Good news, we are praying for good news. Thank you for your support.

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4 Replies to “We Need Your Help”

  1. Shared with my friends who shared with their different groups. Hopefully someone will recognize the pic of the father. I took a pic of this article and sent it to my friends and family not on Facebook. Crystal, I will keep sharing until they are found.

    1. Thank you, i appreciate that more than you know. That’s A long time for kids to be in hiding. And he was only handing them over for a visit, shared custody, it doesn’t make any sense to run! It’s getting scary.

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