The Torture Murder Of Peter Aston

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Brisbane, Australia-

Peter Aston

On May 4th of 1982 13 year old friends Peter Aston and Terry Ryan decided to skip school together; Peter wanted to go see his brother on the gold coast, and Terry had come with to keep his friend company. Sadly, they’d never make it there; Peter and Terry were picked up by a couple of soldiers traveling in a yellow 4 wheel drive Daihatsu. The men’s names were Robin Reid (34) and Paul Luckman (17).

Robin Reid

Once inside the vehicle, the two men held the teens hostage by gun and knife point. Cuffs were placed on Peter, and Terry was told if he tried anything funny his friend would pay with his life.

The men drove out to Kingscliff Beach where they’d be free to torture their captives without interruption.

The torture that both of these boys endured is horrific. At some point the men began to focus their attention on Peter, and Terry realized his only chance at survival was to join in and help abuse his friend. The boy did what he had to do in order to survive.

Peter and Terry were both forced to strip; Peter was beaten with the butt of the rifle until it actually busted into pieces. Peter was stabbed about a dozen times; using a leather hole punch they even poked holes in the young man’s ears. Robin and Paul cut Peter’s pubic hair and forced Terry to eat it, then Peter was forced to perform sexual acts on his friend. When Peter stood up, the men beat him with a shovel.

Before he was killed, Robin squeezed Peter’s testicles in his hands until they ruptured, and they shaved Peter’s head with one of Robin’s many knives. Finally they forcibly shoved sand down Peter’s throat then buried him alive in a shallow grave.

After Peter was buried, Robin and Paul decided it was time to leave. Terry somehow convinced his torturers to drive him home; on the ride back, the men told Terry that they were Satan worshippers and Peter had been their sacrifice.

Reenactment of the murder

As soon as Terry arrived home, he told his mama what had transpired; mama rushed him to the police station to tell authorities of the 6 hour long ordeal he’d survived.


Robin and Paul were identified, they tried to escape by kidnapping another man; the killers had planned to take this man’s car and escape to Northern New South Wales. Thankfully this man got away, and ultimately the killers were caught.

All of the evidence that police would ever need for a conviction was easily found, including poor Peter’s pubic hair. Come to find out, the men had actually rehearsed this murder by abducting another young man by the name of John Bruce just two days prior to the murder. They’d picked John up by offering him a ride; they blindfolded, hand cuffed, and savagely beaten him before letting him go.

These killers showed zero remorse for their crimes; Robin bragged about his new found fame, and was more than happy to do a reenactment of the murder for investigators.

Trial was in November of 1982. Robin pled insanity. His excuse was that he was bisexual and the stress from this had made him crazy. Paul pled not guilty. Both men turned against one another in a feeble attempt to save themselves; each was sentenced to life in prison.

Paul has since undergone gender reassignment surgery, and now lives life as Nicole Louise Pearce; in 1999 this pedophile killer was released from prison.

Paul today, this killer is known as Nicole. No, I don’t believe for even one second that gender or sexuality had a single thing to do with this murder. It was an excuse.

As for Robin, he has spent much of his time in solitary confinement. One detective believes that Robin is a serial killer; during the initial search of his bunk a collection of labeled pubic hair was found. Many believe this to be the killer’s trophies, the hair points to 5 more male victims. Somehow Robin’s life sentence has since been commuted to 26 years; his time was up as of 2006, so he very well could be released.

Pubic hair

I have searched for updates on the surviving boy, Terry, but I can find nothing. Let’s hope that no news is good news, that he changed his name and has had a decent life. Let’s hope.

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2 Replies to “The Torture Murder Of Peter Aston”

  1. Most countries are keen on giving a second chance to Killers, there are very few in Australia serving whole life sentences. I agree with you though.
    I hope he didn’t take his own life either. I do doubt it, it would’ve made the news and been found during my research. Whatever happened to him, hopefully he was able to put this behind him and have a good life. Horrible what he went through

  2. I hope the surviving victim didn’t later take his own life. I don’t see how they could release either of these sick bastards. It seems that there is a big difference between Wales and here in regards to sentencing guidelines. Life is life, no questions asked.

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