She’s A Survivor

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Moscow-  For anyone looking in, 25 year old Margarita and Dmitry Grachev, 26, would’ve seemed to have been the ideal couple. They’d been married 5 years, and had two small children aged two and three; they were they perfect little family. But we never really know what’s going on when the cameras are put away and the doors are closed.

Dmitry & Margarita

Dmitry had always been a domineering, the man kept his wife on a very short leash. Margarita was rarely allowed to see her friends, Dmitry monitored her telephone calls, her texts, and even emails. Still, things had been somewhat peaceful between the couple, until Margarita went back to work. The couple began fighting all the time, and Dmitry became physically abusive.

In October 2017 Margarita decided that she simply could not bare to share her life with a tyrant anymore, so she’d gone to the courthouse and filed for divorce. She had not realized how costly this would be, so she didn’t get to file. Dmitry was beyond pissed when he caught wind of his wife’s intent; Margarita had threatened to leave her abusive hubby many times, but Dmitry had never believed that she’d actually get up the nerve to go through with it.

The Grachev Family

In Dmitry’s mind, divorce was one hundred percent out of the question, Margarita was not permitted to leave him! By knifepoint Dmitry forced his wife out into the woods and threatened to murder her if she pulled a stunt like that again.

Margarita is a brave woman- she attempted to press charges against her husband. Instead, police had a talk with Dmitry; though Margarita had told everyone who would listen that her her life has been threatened and Dmitry was not afraid of prison, cops did not arrest the man.

The talk with police only infuriated Dmitry, and his wife had been spot on: he wasn’t one to make any empty threats. The man researched how to properly amputate limbs, he purchased the items needed to pull off his attack, and began to plan his legal defense strategy.

On December 11th of 2017 Dmitry kidnapped Margarita, and drive her deep into the woods once again. Dmitry had reasoned that his wife must’ve been having an affair in order for her to file for divorce, and he wanted her to confess her sins against him. Dmitry demanded that his wife agree to take a polygraph test to prove that she’d been faithful, and she agreed that she would. Sadly, this simply wasn’t good enough for Dmitry.

Margarita’s hand

Dmitry didn’t kill Margarita, but he did torture her during questioning. The jealous man cut off her fingers with an axe, then both of her hands were chopped off at the wrists. While beating on his wife, he continued to scream that if Margarita wasn’t going to be with him, she would be “a cripple” for the rest of her life.

Dmitry At Trial

Margarita was determined not to die out in the woods, and she sweet talked Dmitri into taking her to the hospital. Amazingly doctors were able to sew one of her hands back on during a painstaking 9 hour surgery. The other hand was just not salvaged, but she was given a prosthetic.

Margarita with her new hand

Dmitry was sentenced to 14 years incarceration, and ordered to pay Margarita $35,000; she was given her divorce and is finally free. The police officer who failed to arrest Dmitry after the first time Margarita was kidnapped and attacked is under investigation for criminal negligence.

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