This selfie was taken just moments before this victim’s life was brutally stolen

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This is Anne Faber, and the selfie of her standing in the rain was taken just before she was kidnapped and brutally murdered.

The selfie Anne snapped just moments before her attack

Anne was a beautiful young woman with her entire life ahead of her; she was heavily involved in the arts, theater, and you’d be hard pressed to find someone who had disliked her. She had been the Apple of her family’s eye; they were a lovely, sportive family.

Anne Faber

On September 29th of 2017 the 25 year old Dutch woman had been on a bike ride when she got caught in the rain. Anne was a good sport about the situation; she threw up a peace sign, snapped a selfie, and sent it to her boyfriend. Shortly after this picture was taken, a 27 year old man known only as Michael P. strategically hit Anne with his scooter.


Michael forced Anne into the woods at knifepoint where he tied his victim up and raped her. When she noticed a bicyclist riding by, Anne took the chance to call out for help; in order to hush his victim up, Michael slashed her throat and stabbed her multiple times. When she was dead he hid her body in a nature preserve in Zeewolde.


Anne was reported missing later that same day – those who knew and loved her realized very quickly that something had been terribly wrong. There were search parties, and thanks to those who refused to give up searching Anne’s jacket was found a couple weeks later. DNA belonging to her killer was discovered on that jacket, which lead to Michael’s arrest and the recovery of Anne’s body on October 12th.

Missing poster looking for Anne

Michael has since admitted to his actions on that day; he says that he had been high from snorting Ritalin at the time and the murder wasn’t premeditated. This is questionable as security footage shows Michael packing up his weapons before he left his residence that day.

Michael P.

This case is extra upsetting because it could’ve been prevented. Michael had been charged with attacking 5 other people at the clinic where he was being treated – yep, clinic. See, not only is Michael known for hitting and biting people, he’s also a convicted rapist who never should’ve been free at the time of Anne’s murder. He had been undergoing treatment at a psych clinic for a string of robberies and the horrific sexual assaults of two girls back in 2010.


This is a trial excerpt from 2011-
“Suspect has been guilty of nine very serious criminal acts within a short space of time, all of a violent character. He has, completely randomly and impulsively, brutally raped, in the night after Queen’s Day 2010, two under-age girls while threatening them with a imitation weapon. Suspect alternately put his penis in the vaginas of both girls and the anus of one. Besides which, he has removed a tampon from one of the girls’ vagina and inserted his finger in her vagina. Especially in view of the serious and gruesome character of the rapes, in combination with the statements made by a witness and fellow suspect that the suspect was proud of the rapes and happy a dream had come true for him.”

Anne’s corpse was discovered here

In 2011 Michael was sentenced to 16 years for the rape of those 2 girls. The prosecutor thought the sentence to be too extreme, so he contested it. Michael’s new sentence was 12 years, he only served half of this sentence. Afterwords Michael was sent to a psychiatric hospital, Aventurijn in Den Dolder; he was here to receive treatment and help with adjusting to a life in society. During his stay at the institution, Michael got a fellow patient pregnant, and had a relationship with a staff member.

The Beautiful Anne

Anyhow, Michael P. has been ordered to pay Anne’s family a sum of money, and sentenced to 28 years in prison; when his time is up, Michael will be sent to another psychiatric facility. Hopefully this particular hospital won’t permit rapists to have sex with staff, or killers to murder people. Frankly it’s concerning that we do not even know this killer’s name.

After scrolling through countless articles I finally found an unedited photo and true name for this serial rapist and killer: Michael Panhuis. It’s hard to understand why this killer and serial rapist’s identity is being concealed, why a simple photo of him without his eyes blacked out or even mention of his last name is not permitted.

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  1. There are so many at fault for letting this psychotic rapist continue his actions while under the guise of being treated in a mental hospital. Why was he ever allowed access to females inside the facility, and why would they have an open door policy that let him come and go? He was a convicted rapist, that should have kept him in a locked ward.

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