Big Ed Kemper: Nature Or Nurture?

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Ed Kemper had been having fantasies of death since early in his childhood. He has always been sadistic, even in childhood. His mother was afraid he’d hurt his sister, so he was locked in the basement at night. Leaving the boy alone in a cold, dark basement with his violent fantasies made the situation so much worse.

A young Ed

At nine years old, his parents divorced and Edmund was left with his two sisters, and his mother, Clarnell. She constantly ridiculed Edmund for his large size and mocks her son for his ‘weirdo’ personality. She loved to tell him that no woman could ever possibly love him. He learned to hate himself, and everyone else as well – especially women.

Big Ed Kemper

His twisted impulses were evident at an early age. Attracted to a female teacher, his sister teases and asks why he doesn’t try to kiss his teacher. He says, ‘If I kiss her, I’d have to kill her first’.
One of his favourite school games was pretending that he was being executed in a gas chamber. At home, he decapitated his sister’s doll, soon afterwords, he did the same to his pets; at ten year of age Edmund buried his cat alive; later he dug the poor kitty up, decapitated it, and displayed it on a spike. This is his first trophy.

Ed’s Grandparents

At 13, he uses a machete on the replacement cat. He slices off the top of its skull all the while holding onto its leg so he’s showered in its blood.
When Ed was a teen, he was sent to live with his grandparents; at the tender age 15, he killed them both. When asked why he did this, Ed calmly stated that he’d just wanted to know what it would feel like to kill Grandma. He thought it would be cruel to let Grandpa find his wife dead so, Ed killed him too.
Ed was committed to a mental hospital in 1963, but was released six years later. See, not only was Ed psychotic, but he had an extremely high IQ. He played the doctors and staff at the hospital, made them believe he was healed.

Big Ed

When he left the hospital, He was 6’9″ and weighed 300 pounds.
1971 to 1973, Kemper killed 6 women, all hitchhiking students. He killed, decapitated, and dissected the victims, then proceeded to rape their corpses.
He is called the CoEd Killer, because he killed 6 young women, most of whom were hitchhiking coeds. His mother worked at the college, and she was forever telling him he wasn’t good enough to get a girl like the ones at her college.

The home where Ed killed his mother & her friend

On Easter weekend of 1973 Ed was living with his mother, who had been the problem since day one. He hammered in his mother’s skull, then proceeded to decapitate her, rape her corpse, and jam her severed larynx down the garbage disposal. He propped her head on the mantle for use as a dart board.

Bodies removed from Ed’s mother’s home.

Once his mother was taken care of, Ed then phoned his mother’s friend, invited her to a surprise dinner. When she arrived, he clubbed her over the head, strangled and decapitated her as well.

Ed’s victims

On Easter Sunday, he got in his car and started driving to no where in particular. Big Ed then called the police and confessed the have committed these murders. No one at the police station believed him, because he was friends with everyone there and they never pictured him as the type to commit these crimes. Finally, when Ed proved to know information about the co-ed murders which only the killer would know, they picked him up and arrested him.

More victims

Kemper admitted to have kept hair, teeth, and skin of some victims as trophies. He also admitted to have practiced cannibalism, said he sliced some flesh off two victim’s legs, and cooked it in a macaroni casserole. When he was asked what punishment would fit the crimes he committed, he stated “death by torture.” Instead, he was sentenced to life in prison, and is currently serving his sentence in Vacaville Prison. Ed is the model inmate, and tries to give back; this savage serial even narrates books for the blind.

Ed’s trophies

But Ed speaking about the murder of his mother:
I said ‘She’s gotta die. And I’ve gotta die. Or girls like that are gonna to die. And that’s when I decided I’m going to murder my mother. I knew a week before she died I was gonna kill her. And she went out to a party, she got soused, she came home, went to sleep. I.. I was woken up by that, I got, came out, I walked up to her bed, she’s laying there reading a paperback. As many thousands of nights before. And she said, ‘Ohh, I suppose you’re gonna want to sit up all night and talk now.’ ..Shit… [crying] And I looked at her and I said, ‘No,’ I said, ‘goodnight.’ And I knew I was going to kill her! You know..? And I was so cold and so hard. That’s the first time in ten years that I’ve looked at it that way, I mean, that intensely. That honestly. It hurts. ‘Cause I’m not a lizard, I’m not from under a rock, I came out of her vagina. See. I came out of my mother. And in a rage, I went right back in. ‘For seven years,’ she said, ‘I haven’t had sex with a man because of you. My murderous son.’ That was one of our arguments. And I cut off her head. And I.. And I.. humiliated her corpse. And said ‘There.’ You know? Six young women, dead, because of the way she raises her son, and the way her son is raised. The way he grows up. And what’s her closing words? ‘I suppose you want to sit up all night and talk.’ God, I.. I wish I had.

Recent photo of Big Ed

*Ed later claimed that he’d lied about the cannibalism.

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2 Replies to “Big Ed Kemper: Nature Or Nurture?”

  1. I know it’s strange but I almost get why he murdered his mom. Like he shouldn’t have done it, and everyone else was innocent, but if you had a evil mom constantly telling you you’re worthless, you might strike

    1. I don’t think it’s strange at all, mom was a horrible human being! He should’ve just, and this is gonna sound bad, he should’ve just killed her first and left all those innocent girls alone.
      I hope you are healthy! 💜

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