The Deplorable China Arnold

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There’s nothing more reprehensible in our society than a mother who takes the life of her child. Most of us would sacrifice ourselves for our children, yet filicide is so common. This particular case is especially difficult to wrap the brain around as the method of death would’ve been so painful and death so drawn out.


August 30th of 2005,
Dayton, Ohio-

Baby Paris

China Arnold was raging mad at her partner, Terrell Talley. China had just given birth less than 4 weeks prior to a perfect baby girl named Paris; for whatever reason, Terrell did not believe he was the father of this beautiful infant.

Instead of taking this issue up with Terrell, China raged on her baby. She placed little Paris in the microwave for 2 minutes, it’s estimated that temps reached 108° Fahrenheit. Then the “mother” dumped the baby in the tub to cool her off.

The Murder Weapon

The next day China took Paris to the ER where the infant, covered in 3rd degree burns, died. Police had no idea how this happened to baby Paris, so they went to the home to investigate. They found a towel stained with sticky brown bodily fluids, and the bath tub was covered with skin flakes. Of course police saw the microwave but never thought anything of it; who would ever think that a mother capable of this?

At Trial

Investigators only figured out what had happened after China admitted her crime to an investigator. She said, “I killed my baby. I wrapped her up. I put her in the microwave. I turned the microwave on and I went outside. She fit right in.”. China, in a feeble attempt at excusing her actions, has since claimed that she’d been inebriated at the time.

Remorse? Or just sorry she’s incarcerated?

China tried to blame the murder on Terrell’s son, Paris’ 5 yr old brother. She has received 3 trials so far, one conviction was reversed by an appeals court due to trial errors. In a subsequent trial it was proven that the boy was not even in the home at the time of the incident. China was found guilty in May of 2011 and sentenced to life with no parole; she’s still trying to receive another trial, which would be her 4th. She claims there were errors in the last trial and that witnesses have changed their stories.

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4 Replies to “The Deplorable China Arnold”

    1. Right! And her reasoning was ridiculous, she was mad at the father? Smh! She tried to justify this by saying she was under the influence, or that she didn’t do it at all. To try and blame this on another child? Takes a special kind of evil…

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