The Ruhr Cannibal

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Joachim Kroll was a cannibalistic serial killer from Northwest Germany; he was responsible for at least fourteen murders.

Joachim without his glasses

Joachim was born in a large family, one of the youngest of 8 or 9 children, depending on which accounting you believe. He was raised with a domineering, emasculating father who thoroughly enjoyed cutting his son down at every given opportunity. It’s noted that Joachim’s IQ was in the 70s, he only made it to the third grade, and he was a chronic bed wetter. As an adult Joachim was held in high regard by his community, this was especially true for the children who lovingly referred to him as Uncle. Because of his seemingly gentle nature and low IQ, no one ever suspected the man capable of any serious wrongs.

It appears that Joachim waited until his mother passed away in 1955 to begin to kill. He targeted very young females, many were teenagers or even younger; that being said, he did attack older women on occasion. This killer’s oldest victim was in her 60s, while the youngest was just 4 years old. He preferred to sneak up on his victim and quickly strangle her, sometimes with her own clothing; he was not above using a knife when deemed necessary. Afterwords he would undress his victim, sexually assault her, and slice off strips of flesh to feast upon later.

Joachim’s apartment building

Most of Joachim’s crimes were originally pinned on others, which allowed him to continue preying on women without authorities even realizing there was a serial killer on the loose. He enjoyed long cooling off periods, often there were years between kills. During this time Joachim would relive his crimes again and again with a blow up sex doll.

Joachim’s apartment, a victim’s appendage was found on the stove

In 1959 Joachim murdered a 14 year old girl named Klara Frieda Tesmer. A mechanic named Hendrich Ott was wrongly arrested for the heinous murder, and an innocent man was found hanging in his jail cell. In 1962 Joachim murdered a 12 year old named Monika Tafel, and again another man was accused. Walter Quicker was arrested but later released; those in the neighborhood believed Walter to be the killer, and he was relentlessly harassed. Walter couldn’t deal with the accusations, and he ultimately took his own life.

Finally, on July 3rd of 1976, Kroll was arrested. There had been an issue with the plumbing where he lived, and a professional had to be called to fix it. When asked if he had any clue as to what may be stopping up the pipes, Joachim matter of factly replied, “Guts”. Upon hearing this, Police immediately paid Joachim a visit; in his home they found the remains of a 4 year old named Marion Ketter who had recently been kidnapped. The girl had been dismembered; much of her remains were discovered inside her killer’s refrigerator, her hand was actually cooking on the stove, and yes, her discarded guts really had been clogging up the pipes.

Police murder reenactment. I’ll never understand why this is done; the killer would relive his crimes, it would give him such a thrill. It’s not necessary.

Of course Joachim was arrested, and he did confess to having murdered 14. At trial he stated that he practiced cannibalism in order to save money on groceries! After a 6 month trial, this cannibal was found guilty of killing 8 plus an attempted murder, and he was given 9 life sentences. In 1991 Joachim dropped dead of a heart attack.

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