Big Lurch, The Rapper Turned Cannibal Killer

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Big Lurch

Big Lurch (25) was the name which up and coming rapper Antron Singleton went by in Los Angeles. There was some sort of accident, and Lurch decided to smoke pcp, of all things, to deal with his pain. This would prove to be a deadly mistake.


21 year old Tynisha Ysais and her boyfriend, Thomas Moore, had been sharing an apartment with Big Lurch. On this particular night, the trio had been hanging out and getting high. The only thing Lurch remembers is he had truly believed that the world was ending, and he was supposed to find and kill the devil before the end of the world. At this time, he attacked his young female friend.


Tynisha was discovered in her own apartment by her friend Alisa Allen; her chest had been torn open and the three-inch blade was discovered to have broken off inside Tynisha’s shoulder blade. She had tooth marks on her face and on her lungs, which had been torn from her chest; Big Lurch had eaten a part of her lung, and chewed on her intestines.

Big Lurch
Crime scene photo

At the time of his arrest, Big Lurch was completely nude, covered in blood, standing in the middle of the street and screaming at the sky. Human flesh was found in his stomach.

Lurch is serving a double life sentence at California State Prison. He spends most of his time in solitary confinement. He is adamant that he is innocent, that his lawyer screwed him over, he was railroaded, etcetera. He has this to say for himself:

“Make the jury hate the defendant, and the jury will convict. The teeth marks on Tynisha’s body didn’t match mines. My lawyer Milton Grimes didn’t say that in court. They convicted me over lunch break. There wasn’t no day deliberation, there wasn’t even an hour.”

Big Lurch Mug Shot

It must be mentioned that, as cut and dry and this case seems, some people still think Big Lurch is innocent. The main theory running seems to be the victim’s boyfriend fed Lurch the PCP, killed her, and even that he fed Big Lurch her body parts. This sounds absolutely outrageous, I know. But even the victim’s mama seems to think the boyfriend somehow did it; I’ll add images of her statement below. As always, if you decide to dig (or even if you just wanna talk about the case) please lemme know ya think!

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