Female Infanticide

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In Asia there is a very serious issue that will repulse most of us: female genocide, female infanticide. This is the act of a baby being murdered, very often just moments after birth, merely because the baby is a girl. This is a very serious problem, and in some areas the girl to boy ratio is as low as 700 girls for every 1,000 boys.

Today there are 37 million more men than women in China alone, their one child policy has much to do with this. Boys are considered a blessing as they will stay with the family forever, and care for their parents in old age. Chinese women are very often forced to have abortions by the government, and even sterilized so that there will never be any more babies. This has lead to a myriad of problems, including a shortage of women to marry. In turn, child trafficking has become a thing; little girls are being kidnapped and raised by families for the purpose of marrying their son. It’s estimated that 70 thousand children per year are stolen and sold. As of January 1st of 2016 China changed their policy, now two children are permitted.

There is a genocide issue in most of Asia, but India appears to be the worst, by far. Female infanticide is not taboo in India, they’re not even ashamed of this; it is publicly acceptable! Poverty is a serious issue, and girls are seen as a burden, as a “thief” who will eat up all of the food, must be dressed and cared for, then when it is time to marry, a dowry must be paid to the girl’s new husband’s family. Afterwords she will move with her husband and help care for his family. Girls are seen as more trouble than they are worth, while boys are treasured.

This is how it usually goes down. Just after birth the mother, or a female family member who helped with delivery, will give the newborn baby girl juice made of poisonous plants such as oleander, but that is not the only method of death. Sometimes they will soak a heavy cloth in water then lay said cloth over the baby girl’s face, this causes the baby girl to smother to death. Other times they’ll simply use a pillow, or pinch the baby’s little throat. Even worse is the Paddy Husk method; the woman will slit the baby’s tender gullet with the husks sharp sides as it slides down the tiny throat.

It’s often the case that the mother doesn’t give consent to the murder of her daughter. It’s not unheard of for the mother, still very weak from childbirth, to beg, plead and cry for her baby’s life as the birth attendant ends the baby girl’s life. There are countless stories of mothers abused and even killed because they kept their daughters.

In countries/areas where they have access to sonogram machines, mothers will pay to find out the sex of the child when she’s approximately 20 weeks along. If Mom is found to be carrying a girl, an abortion will be performed.
There are organizations trying their best to stop this from happening. Their only hope is to convince expectant mothers to give birth in a hospital, this would give the hospitals a chance to intervene if a girl is born.

Many places have outlawed ultrasound technicians from telling parents the sex of their child, but of course that doesn’t stop it from happening. A very lucrative business has come from it; palms are greased, and if the baby is a girl, an illegal abortion is performed.

In order to get a handle on this, the practice of the female dowry has been outlawed. But these people believe that tradition is extremely precious, so it still continues; it’s just done in secret now and the law looks the other way.

Even the girls who are allowed to live at birth are not safe! In India so many do not live past age 5; girls usually are not looked after and cared for in the same manner as their male counterparts. They are 40% more likely to die than little boys, and one of 4 baby girls will not live to see puberty. These babies pass away from abuse and/or flat out neglect; they are denied food, and often necessary medications.

It does not appear that the practice of female Infanticide will end any time soon, baby girls are killed in record numbers around the world daily.

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4 Replies to “Female Infanticide”

  1. These countries are so backwards, it is no wonder there is so much fighting. Every make is vying for a wide to take care of their families. I have no sympathy if things like that Corona virus wipes out most of their population. The lucky girls have been adopted to civilized countries, and I really doubt the adoptive families will ever let them step foot in the soil they came from. I know it is a horrible comment, but the constant murder of innocent children all over the world makes my hackles stand on end. If I could, I would adopt at least a dozen baby girls from these countries. We wouldn’t have much money, but they would still have happy, healthy lives.

  2. That’s so disheartening and disgusting. I dream if the day that I get to be a mom to a little girl

    1. It is very upsetting. I have two boys and two girls. I love them all equally, but there’s something extra special about little girls. They’re just precious 💚 I hope you have a healthy baby girl some day

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