The Terrifyingly Creepy Disappearance Of Maura Murray

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February 9th of 2004-
Maura had been a 21 year old university of Massachusetts nursing student who disappeared after a wreck on Route 112 in New Hampshire. She’d wrecked her car in the snow around 7 pm; locals called the police, but when they arrived at 7:45 Maura was gone, she’d simply disappeared.

The last reported person to have seen Maura that night was a local bus driver; he’d pulled over and asked if she needed help, or wanted a ride. Maura told him no thanks, she’d already called AAA from her cell phone. We know this was a lie as there was no cell service in that area. It’s believed she was creeped out, and trying to stay safe by avoiding getting onto a bus with a strange man whom she did not know.

Maura & her daddy, Fred

Still something must’ve happened, someone had to have picked her up. K9s lost Maura’s scent approximately 100 yards away from her vehicle, and there were no footprints in the snow. Police refused to search for Maura; she was 21 and they believed she had abandoned her life willingly.

There are so many questions in regards to this case. Nobody who knows Maura would ever believe Maura capable of just walking away from everyone and everything she loved; that said, it did appear as if she had intended to leave. She’d sent her professors emails stating that there had been a death in the family therefore she would be absent at least a week; that had been a lie. On the young lady’s computer she’d looked into renting a condo in Bartlett, New Hampshire, and much of her personal belongings had been packed up in boxes.

Many believe Maura had moved to Canada. She’d been in a bit of trouble over stolen credit cards, so that is a possibility. She’d also wrecked her father’s vehicle just days prior to her disappearance, it’s possible that she’d been driving whole intoxicated. But if Maura had willingly moved, wouldn’t there have been confirmed sightings of her, especially since this case has caught so much media attention?

There had been no problems with her family, and there was no reason for her to disappear from their lives. Maura was especially close to her father, and those who know her say there’s no way in God’s green earth that she would have left him to worry like this. Plus Maura had been so happy with her boyfriend, they’d been head over heels in love.

So here is the creepy part. Maura’s father, Fred, had gone on the news to beg for help in locating his daughter. While on the air, Fred stated that he believed some “dirt bag” had kidnapped Maura, and that he was likely holding her captive. A YouTube user named “Mr112dirtbag” uploaded a few creepy videos which lead people believe he may be responsible for Maura’s disappearance. First, the YouTube name was “route 112” which is the last place Maura was ever seen. And “Dirtbag” because that’s who Maura’s father said he’d believed had taken his daughter.

The first video was uploaded on February 7th of 2012; it was a very short video showing a ticket to a New Hampshire resort called Bretton Woods. The date on the ticket was July 11th of 2004; Maura had gone missing on July 9th of that same year.

The Dirtbag

Two days later another video uploaded by 112dirtbag was called “Happy Anniversary”. Yep, you guessed it; this video was posted on the anniversary of Maura’s disappearance. In this video you see a man hysterically laughing, cackling. This video makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up no matter how many times I’ve watched it.

The next video upload by this creep was “No hope for mental wannabe”. Many who follow the case believe that in this video Dirtbag shows where Maura’s remains can be found. It looks like a map of Bretton Woods with a blinking eye- and it’s thought that the blink is likely where Maura’s remains can be found.

Possible map where Maura may be found

These videos were all quickly deleted right after upload, but thankfully other YouTubers who Mauras case saved the videos. Police did get involved, we know the identify of 112 dirtbag is Alden Olson, but no charges were ever pressed against this psychopath.

I’m gonna leave you these links, the YouTube videos are short. If you have an extra 10 minutes please watch and tell me what you think:

The frightening 1 minute “Happy Anniversary” video:

A short 7 minute compilation video. This shows all of the 112 dirtbag videos with a short explanation-

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