Robert Maudsley: Britain’s Cannibal Serial Killer

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Robert Maudsley is the serial killer who holds the title of Britain’s most dangerous inmate. Some say he’s the inspiration for “Silence Of The Lambs”. Thomas Harris, the author of the book, claims that a Mexican doctor was the inspiration, but it’s very easy to see the similarities, including the cannibalism of brains.

As a very young child Robert had been abused by his father, abused in every way imaginable. Eventually Robert and his 12 siblings were taken from their home, and from then on they were bounced around from one foster home to the next.

Though his IQ is very high, as is the case with many serial killers, Robert never had the opportunity to do anything productive with his intelligence. At 15 he’d run away from the hell he called home and did what he could to care for himself: prostitution on the streets of London. The men he met there were anything but kind, he was abused by then as well. Around this time Robert picked up a drug problem; soon he began hearing voices which told him to do things which he knew were wrong, like murdering his parents. Robert couldn’t cope with all this, and he attempted suicide more than once; each time he found himself in mental institutions.

At age 20, Robert met a john named John Farrell. John decided to brag about his conquests with very young boys, and he showed Robert pictures as proof. Robert, who had been severely abused himself, couldn’t handle this. He flipped out, strangled John the john with a garrote right then and there. He was tried for murder, deemed insane, and sent to Broadmoore Hospital for the criminally insane.

In 1977, Robert killed again. He and a friend kidnapped a convicted pedophile who had sexually assaulted Robert’s friend. This man’s name had been David Francis, and Robert decided that David had to die for his sins. Robert tied the pervert up with electric cords, beat him, kicked him, and sliced him up; David was tortured for 9 hours straight, finally they literally bashed his brains in.

Now this is where the cannibalism comes in: when officers were finally allowed to enter the room, there was a spoon sticking out of David’s brain matter. There were reports that a part of the victim’s brain was missing, but some reports say this is just rumor. From here on out, Robert’s nickname would be “Spoons”.

Somehow Robert was found competent to stand trial for the mental institution murder. He was convicted of manslaughter he was sent to an actual prison this time.

In 1978, again he killed – this time 2 men in one day. First Robert talked Stanley Darwood, imprisoned for having murdered his wife, into coming into his cell. Once there, Stan was shanked to death and his throat slashed, them our killer hid his victim’s body under his bunk. Since no other inmate would dare step foot inside Robert’s cell, he went to another convicted killer named Bill Roberts cell and bashed his head against the wall until he was dead. Once his mission was accomplished, Robert went to the officers on duty, handed over his murder weapon, and told them that they were gonna be two inmates short during roll call.

After this, Robert was understandably placed on serious lockdown: solitary confinement with no one around at all. A special cell was constructed just for him, it is complete with bulletproof glass. It is said that this killer went more than a decade without a single haircut because nobody had the balls to get that close to him. Whenever he is permitted to leave his special cell, Robert is always escorted by a half dozen guards.

Robert holds the record for the inmate who has spent the most time in solitary confinement. He spends his time playing Call Of Duty on his gaming console, and from what I hear Robert makes an awesome penpal. Robert says he’d give anything to have a pet bird and has begged the prison to get him one. So far no dice.

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4 Replies to “Robert Maudsley: Britain’s Cannibal Serial Killer”

  1. This is really interesting. He has living relatives and I recently watched a documentary about him.
    He is allowed visitors and if i remember his nephew visits him.
    Apparently throughout his life he begged and pleaded for help from the voices but didn’t get any until he started killing.
    He only ever killed pedophiles and sexual predators.
    Definitely a mind damaged from years of abuse and sexual assault.

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