Never Underestimate The Superhuman Capabilities Of A Nurse Forced To Fight For Her Life

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The 51 year old nurse from Oregon, who only stands at 5’4″ by the way, may not appear to be a force to recon with, but looks can be deceiving. Susan here is a serious badass!

This is Susan Kuhnhausen and her POS husband.

So. Susan was married to a man named Michael, the couple met through a lonely hearts ad back in 1988. They seemed pretty happy for 18 years, until one night in 2006 when they got into this big old fight and Mike went too far. Susan said she was done with Mike, and she meant it; she went down to file for a divorce the very next day. Mike didn’t like the whole divorce idea, and he decided that he would be better off hiring someone to kill his wife. He chose his own coworker, a man known in the town as an addict, Edward Haffey. For $50,000 Ed would happily break into Susan’s home and kill her.

Dumbass Hubby & idiot hitman

On September 6th of 2006, the emergency room nurse was exhausted from a long shift when she came home from work. She noticed a note from her soon to be ex stating that he had gone to the beach to get some rest and wouldn’t be home that night. She remembers noting the time, 6:47 pm, and that she was still wearing her blue scrubs. Suddenly a man much larger than her jumped out from behind her bedroom door with a claw hammer. His first hit got Susan right in the temple.

The crime scene

Susan immediately began to fight for her life. She did everything she could think of to survive, including biting Ed wherever she could – even through the zipper of his pants. At one point she managed to take Ed’s hammer from him and hit him in the head with it 3 or 4 times, then he took the hammer back. So she reached out and grabbed his throat with her own hands, and she choked him. Susan had tried to flee, but Ed wouldn’t let her. Finally she got his neck in the crook of her elbow and she squeezed, telling him she’d stop and call 911 if he would just tell her who sent him. Ed was stubborn though, he wasn’t going to give up.

Susan’s wounds

Anyone who’s ever been in a fist fight knows a minute feels like an eternity, and Susan fought her would-be killer for 14 minutes before Ed finally died of strangulation! The entire story is just incredible. When Ed stopped fighting back, Susan ran to the neighbor’s house to call 911.

Don’t Eff With An ER Nurse!

When asked how in the heck she was able to fight this much larger armed intruder off the way she did, Susan matter of factly stated that she was used to subduing large men in the ER. It is her job, and she was not about to allow this attacker to kill her! Susan is amazing!

This nurse deserves an award! She’s my personal hero 🤩

Of course husband Michael was quickly tied to the killer as they were co-workers. Michael was only sentenced to 10 years but died in 2014 while still incarcerated. Before Mike died, Susan said she was not mad at him, but she’s glad he suffered some.

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