The Scream Murder

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This case is one of the most terrifying murders I’ve ever researched. It’s exactly like a scary movie, which is just how the killers had intended.

No one who knew Cassie Jo Stoddart ever had a bad thing to say about her; she was beautiful, caring, funny, sweet, and overly responsible for her 16 years. It can be said that Cassie’s only real flaw had been trusting the wrong people.

Cassie Jo had gone to school with Brian Draper and Torey Adamcik; the two were friends with Cassie’s boyfriend, Matt, therefore they regularly hung out as a group. Brian and Torey, who both seem to have had a crush on the young beauty, had both secretly been obsessed with making a real life horror movie such as “Scream”. Unfortunately they’d chosen Cassie Jo & Matt, their friends, to star in their sickening movie.

On Steptember 22nd of 2006, Cassie had been asked to house sit for her Uncle Frank Contreras and his family for the weekend. The home was out in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by nothing but woods; Cassie was tough, she had no no fear of being alone, and readily agreed to take the job. Sadly it was the perfect setting for the night of horror Brian and Torey had been preparing for.

The killers videoed Cassie at school just hours before her murder

During the drive over, our future killers had a conversation on camera. “She’s our friend, but you know, we all have to make sacrifices. Our first victim is going to be Cassie Stoddart, she’s going to be alone in a big, dark house (voice elevates, and the killer giggles with glee) out in the middle of nowhere! How perfect can you get!” “I’m like, holy shit dude! I’m horney just thinking about it!”.

Mask worn during the gruesome murder

At some point during their visit with Cassie Jo and Matt at the house in the country, one of the future killers distracted the Cassie and Matt so the other could quickly slip downstairs and unlock the basement door. Though they were supposed to stay and hang out a while at the house, Torey and Brian abruptly announced that they had decided to go see a movie instead.

Another mask

After their departure, Torrey and Brian snuck back into the home via the basement; Cassie and Matt had been watching a movie upstairs. At this point the attackers flipped the electricity breaker which turned out the lights, then eventually the lights came back on; when Matt’s mom came by to pick her son up, Matt begged his mother to allow him stay with his girlfriend. Mom refused, though she did invite Cassie to come stay at their house for the night. Cassie had not been one to shirk her responsibilities; she’d promised to house sit, and that was precisely what she was going to do. Matt went home, and Cassie Jo’s loved ones would never seen the teen alive again.

Video cassette of the “movie”

Once Matt was gone, the killers flipped the breaker once again in hopes that their victim would come down to the basement and attempt to turn the electric back on. But that’s not how it went down; Cassie had been terrified, likely scared stiff. After a while Torey and Brian began to flicker the lights on and off again, and at this time a petrified Cassie must’ve realized she had not been alone. As in the movie scream, both Torey and Brian donned black clothing and terrifying masks over their faces whilst they stabbed Cassie Jo approximately 30 times.

Knive used to stab Cassie 29 times

The boys had made their movie; while departing the scene of the crime at 11:32 pm they video recorded their conversation. Brian was saying “Just killed Cassie, we just left her house, this is not a fucking joke.’’ Torey replied, ‘’I’m shaking. I stabbed her in the throat and I saw her lifeless body just disappear…’’. At this point Torey tells Brian to get it together, that they need to “Get our act straight”. The teens drove out to Black Rock Canyon where they disposed of all the evidence which could tie them to the crime.

Knife used to stab sweet Cassie Jo to death

There beautiful teenager’s lifeless body was not discovered until her aunt and uncle came home from their weekend vacation 2 days later; her 13 year old cousin was the one who made the discovery. At first Cassie Jo’s boyfriend, Matt, had been the prime suspect; police hadn’t felt that Matt had expressed enough grief. But once investigators learned that Torey and Brian had been with Cassie that night, they were picked up for interrogation.
At first the boys stuck to their story, they’d gone to see a movie, but neither teen could tell detectives anything about the flick they’d supposedly paid to watch. Finally they admitted to what they’d done. Finally Brian led investigators to the spot where all of the evidence had been discarded; on September 27th, just 5 days after the murder, Torey and Brian were arrested.

This is a Reenactment, not a true crime scene photo. They are available, but out of respect for my dear friend I will not post anything graphic in this particular case.

Each of the teens were convicted of conspiracy and first degree murder; both were sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. Each young man blames the other for the murder; Torey claims that he’s only guilty of unlocking the basement door, and Brian says, and this is a quote, that he feels as if he’s paying for someone else’s mistake. Considering all of the video evidence due to that movie they had produced, it seems a bit crazy that either would dare deny what they have done.

The beautiful Cassie Jo

The killers are fighting for their freedom, and apparently have more supporters than you’d think – especially Torey. The most recent available information states that both young men are serving their sentences in separate units at the Idaho State Correctional Institution in Boise, Idaho.

This is one of my all time favorite cases to research, but I personally know one of the victim’s family members so this is my first time really writing in depth about it. This family member has given me permission to write this multiple times, she doesn’t mind the case being discussed, so I’m finally going for it. There are graphic crime scene photos; again, out of respect I will not be posting them.

A great documentary about killer kids, the first 20 minutes or so are about this case. Torey and Brian are interviewed from prison.

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2 Replies to “The Scream Murder”

  1. I remember watching this case on ID like this was the first case on that channel I had watched and because of it I became hooked on that channel ever since. It makes you wonder if Matt had stayed or Cassie left would they both be alive right now. Personally I think those two were going to end up killers regardless

    1. I believe they’d have murdered them both. I wish Cassie Jo hadn’t been so brave. Had she gone home with Matt that night, would she still be alive? Terrible case, that poor girl.

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