Madame Delphine LaLaurie: Was She The Evil Killer We Know Her To Be?

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I will start this article off by telling you what my research over the years has shown. Madame Delphine LaLaurie had been the wife of the very wealthy Dr. Louis Leonard LaLaurie. Together with their son they constructed one of the most breathtakingly marvelous homes in the best area of New Orleans’s French Quarter; the address is 1140 Royal Street. Now, Delphine had been known as an exquisite hostess, she’d known how to throw an extravagant party like no one else and only the best of society had been permitted to attend her social gatherings. It is said that those who had not been fortunate enough to receive a coveted invitation would gather outside for the evening, even if not permitted entry at least they’d be somewhat close to the action. But above all, the lady had been loved for her kindness; she’d constantly helped those less fortunate than herself.

Madam Delphine LaLaurie

All of the above had been a mere facade, she’d painstakingly ensured that the world thought the best of Madam LaLaurie, she’d needed them to believe in her goodness. You see, behind the closed doors of her beautiful home, Delphine had been a monster. Whilst her doctor husband had enjoyed conducting experiments such as cutting slaves open to see how the human body worked, Delphine had simply loved the torture aspect of it all.

The LaLaurie Home in New Orleans’s famous French Quarter as it appeared back in the day. This original home was burnt by an angry mob; it’s since been reconstructed.

There had been one incident which should’ve given the Lalauries away: a young slave girl believed to have been named Nina had been brushing Delphine’s hair when she caught a painful snag. The Madam quickly became enraged and the young servant girl took off running with Delphine right at her heels! Instead of facing her mistress’s wrath, it’s said that poor Nina jumped from the window of the third story of the mansion. Poor Nina, the police weren’t even called; Delphine simply buried the girl in her backyard and went about her life. The police eventually heard of the incident, but instead of facing charges, Delphine had merely been fined. Considering the woman had practically all the money in the world at her disposal, this was anything but a proper punishment.

Firemen battling the blaze

The Madame may never have been caught, except in March of 1834 a fire broke out whilst the LaLauries had been throwing one if their fancy dinner parties. Citizens had rushed inside in an attempt to quench the flames, but what they had discovered inside this beautiful house of horrors remains legendary to this very today.

Not only in the kitchen but also in a secret lab slaves were discovered, they’d been chained to the walls. These men and women had truly been tortured: limbs removed for no reason whatsoever, they’d been beaten with objects, and the doctor’s gruesome experimental surgeries on these human slaves had finally come to light. There were body parts and organs everywhere. It’s said that the fortunate ones were already dead; their deceased corpses were still chained there next to those barely living.

My research concludes that this is a survivor.
Wax museum depicting the torture Delphine’s house of torture.

Many believe that the slaves intentionally set the fire as they would have rather burnt to death than live this way even one more moment. And who in the world could’ve blamed them?

The door to the Lalaurie mansion as it stands today

By the time the police were summoned, the Doctor and Madam Lalaurie had vanished; they’d escaped via chariot. Though there had been sightings of them all over the world, tragically this evil duo were never brought to justice.

A copper plate found in Saint Louis Cemetery which reads Madame Lalaurie, nee Marie Delphine Maccarthy, decedee a Paris, le’ 7 decembre, 1842, a l’age de 6 –.” Dated: January 28, 1941″. Could this possibly be the serial killers grave?

To this day the people of New Orleans, Louisiana swear the house is haunted; that one can still hear the screams and shrieks of those who were once tortured there, their spirits left in such turmoil that they just never could vacate the premises. People’s say that every so often you’ll see a spirit on the balcony where Madame’s bedroom once was.

The home as it stands today

It is said that no one has lived in this home for more than 5 years, and those who have lived there have suffered the price. They have died, lost their minds, etc. Nicolas Cage owned the home for a hot minute, and he ended up declaring bankruptcy. Today this home is owned by a very wealthy man from Texas; no, he will not allow anyone entrance.

Most recently in pop culture Kathy Bates played the Madam in American Horror Story. I was astonished by now many people didn’t believe Lalaurie was a real person!

Now, above is the story in which I’ve always believed to be true, but maybe it’s not. You already know that if there’s two sides of a story, I’m gonna tell you both; I can’t stand to leave anything out. So, what I had not known was that Madam LaLaurie had a partially black family member (I wanna say a sister) whom she’d dearly loved; as a matter of fact, Delphine had actually purchased this woman a home complete with furnishing and her very own slaves to go with it. Its also a fact that Delphine released two of her slaves, simply freed them! There is proof that the Madam’s Doctor husband had moved out of the house well before the fire; he’d never loved Delphine, only married her after he’d knocked her up and marriage had been the proper things to do. Anyhow, many say that the doctor had not been involved in the torture of anyone. Few sources claim that the slaves had not been tortured at all, though they had been chained up and starving to death – as if that somehow makes it better! The LaLauries had enough money to feed all of Louisiana! Either way, they both fled New Orleans that night, never to be seen again. As far as the truth of the matter goes, your guess is as good as mine.

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