Australia’s Lesbian Vampire Murder Coven

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Brisbane, Queensland, Australia-

24 year old Tracey Avril Wigginton had some serious issues. She’d been abused as a child, had become obsessed with the occult at a young age, and truly believed herself to be a vampire.

A very young Tracey and her childhood home

Tracey had a history of physical violence: at the tender age of 15, she’d attacked a man whom she’d perceived as too emotionally close to her grandmother. For this offense, the elderly gentleman’s fingers were slashed, his nose broken, and his hearing aid smashed into pieces deep inside his ear canal. With a temper such as this, you probably won’t be too shocked to learn that Tracey had also attacked her adopted sisters, and trashed everything that they’d owned. At some point she was diagnosed with some severe psychological issues; this included multiple personalities (or as it’s referred to today, DID: Dissociative identity disorder). It’s said that 6 alter egos live in Tracey’s head, some of which were extremely violent.

A young Tracey

As a young adult, Tracey started her very own lesbian vampire coven; members included Tracey’s girlfriend, Lisa Ptaschinski, Kim Jervis, and Tracey Waugh. The young woman had been a frightening character, she’d convinced her friends that she was capable of magic, and could make herself disappear. The others had known that Tracey often purchased animal blood from a butcher, but this was becoming unsatisfactory. Tracey had craved human blood, straight from the tap.

The vampire killer’s mugshots listed from top left to bottom right: Kim, Tracey Waugh, Lisa, and ringleader Tracey

On the evening of October 20th of 1989 Tracey convinced her friends that she absolutely physically required human blood; the group partied at a nightclub, but departed at approximately 11:30 pm in search of a male victim which would satiate Tracey’s blood lust. They didn’t have to look too far…

At around midnight, a 47 year old council worker and father of four named Edward Baldock had been walking home from a pub when he was unfortunately spotted by Tracey and her coven. The women instinctively knew that Edward had been drunk, which made him the perfect victim; they convinced the man to get into their vehicle with them. The women explained to Edward that they had been searching for the right man to have an orgy with down by the Brisbane River; Edward had believed that this was his lucky night, and the man went along.

Edward’s corpse

When the group got to the river, Tracey lead Edward out of the car as the other 3 young women stayed put. Tracey had taken off her shirt, instructed Edward to strip, then stated that she needed to go relieve herself real quick. When she returned, Lisa was with her. Tracey pulled out her knife, slashed Edward’s throat, and stabbed him 27 times in the neck and back. The attack was so brutal that the blade cut through both of the arteries Edward’s neck, and his spinal cord was nearly severed; afterwords, Tracey proceeded to drink her victim’s blood. To clean herself up, Tracey bathed in the river; the corpse was left at the scene to be found later.

Investigators photographing Edward’s corpse

Police quickly discovered Edward’s corpse, which provided them with the name of his killer. See, shortly before the attack, Tracey had dropped a credit card with her name on it. Edward had been nothing if not an opportunist; he’d happily picked the card up and placed it securely inside his shoe. This was enough evidence to arrest the four women on murder charges. 

Edward’s shoes. Do you see the credit card?

Tracey eventually confessed; she admitted to stabbing Edward multiple times, then sitting down with a cigarette to intently witness her victim’s death. She recalled the blood coming from his mouth, and the gurgling sounds he made.

Tracey during interrogation

Tracey was the only one of the four who plead guilty; she told the court that she was a vampire and needed to drink blood in order to survive. The other 3 girls said they had been enchanted by the vampire, therefore not guilty.

Tracey was charged with murder, and sentenced to 13 years to life. She served nearly 23 years, and was released in 2012; upon her return to society she immediately began freaking people out with her Facebook posts of the occult and vampires. She will remain on parole for the remainder of her life.

Tracey today, she looks like a decrepit old woman

As for the rest, Kim and Lisa were convicted as accomplices; Lisa received life, and Kim was sentenced to 18 years which was later reduced to 12. Tracey Waugh, who was least involved, was acquitted. All 4 of these women are free today.

Some of Tracey’s Facebook posts. Since I last researched this case, it appears that her fb has been removed.

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