Special Delivery

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Mississauga, Ontario, Canada-

Special Delivery

On November 4th of 2018, an unnamed 44 year old woman received a knock on her door. The caller appeared to be a delivery guy; he had dark hair, was wearing a hoodie and gloves, and was holding a large box. Most people wouldn’t think twice of answering their door in this situation, would you?

Weapon just like the one used in this attempted murder

Whatever this man was, he was not a delivery man; inside his box was a cross bow used for hunting big game such as elk. He never bothered to remove the crossbow from the cardboard box; as soon as his target answered her door and he could confirm her identity, the man’s arrow shot clear through the cardboard box and into the unsuspecting lady’s chest. As soon as she was hit, the woman quickly slammed her front door and ran to call 911; the assassin turned and ran towards an awaiting vehicle.

The vehicle

The woman was rushed to a hospital; though she sustained life threatening wounds, she did survive. Doctors have stated that the victim’s life will never be the same; multiple internal organs were damaged, so she will be recovering from this terrible event for the rest of her life.

Police are sure that this attack was a hired hit, and that the woman was not meant to survive. There is a suspect who has threatened the victim in the past, but police still don’t know who the hired actual attacker is. In order to help solve this terrible crime, a video of the entire shooting has been released; it is only a few seconds long, and you never get a good look at the victim. You can see the front door opening, a quick word exchanged, the door closing, then the man running away. Also released is an image of what police believe to be the getaway vehicle: a dark pickup truck.

Law enforcement is very hopeful that between social media and facial recognition software they’ll be able to solve this case.

45 second video where you can watch the attack: https://youtu.be/zCu77zrG1V0

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