Daniel and Manuela Ruda.

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Bochum, Germany-
26 year old Daniel and 23 year old Manuela Ruda met through a lonely hearts ad in a metal magazine. The ad read: “Black- haired vampire seeks princess of darkness who despises everything and everybody and has bidden farewell to life.”. The two immediately hit it off, you could very well say the union had been a match made in hell.

Daniel & Manuela Ruda

Each worshipped Satan, and had truly believed themselves to be vampires; they weren’t playing around, the pair even used a coffin as a makeshift coffee table within their apartment. For vacations Daniel and Manuela had traveled to England and Scotland where they lodged not in a hotel, but slept in random graveyards; the couple met like minded people along the way and attended plenty of devil worshipping parties.

Daniel & Manuela

In 2001, our lovely vampiric couple came to believe that Satan himself had ordered them to kill their very own friend, 33 year old Frank Hackert; he was to die in ritualistic style, surrounded by human skulls and incense. So the couple bashed Frank over the head with a hammer, laid him atop a coffin, carved a pentagram in his chest, and made sure to stab him exactly 66 times. Manuela and Daniel then chugged his blood (of course!) and fell sleep in each other’s arms whilst inside their coffin.

The victim, Frank Hackert

Once they’d awoken, the dastardly pair armed themselves with chainsaws whilst patiently awaiting Satan’s next command; these two were happily willing and ready to murder again. Thankfully they caught rather quickly, before they’d been given the opportunity to murder anyone else.

Manuela claimed the devil first sought her out when she was just a child of 14.

Neither displayed any sort of remorse for their grisly crime, but they did make good use of their time in jail! For example, while awaiting trial Daniel sharpened his teeth to make him look like the vampire he has always believed himself to be. At court, the couple said they killed their friend because, “He was so funny he’ll be the court jester for Satan.”. Daniel also stated that he could not personally be held responsible for following Satan’s orders: “If I kill a person with my car and half his bloody head is left on my bumpers, it is not the car that goes to jail, it is the driver who is evil. I have nothing to repent, because I did nothing.”.

Quite the charmers, eh?

Doctors claimed that the pair had been suffering from severe narcissistic personality disturbances; though they were not found to be insane, they had been mentally incapacitated enough by their illnesses to be sent to a psychiatric hospital instead of prison for life. Daniel and Manuela were sentenced to 15 years and 13 years in a psychiatric hospital.

Manuela looks well today

Today it appears that Manuela has come to her senses; she has since been released, and is reportedly doing very well for herself. Manuela has changed her name, still receives outpatient treatment, and has divorced Daniel. As for Daniel, to say that he is not too thrilled about the change in Manuela would be an understatement; a few years back he attempted to hire a woman to get close to Manuela and murder her. Daniel was facing 7 more years for the attempt on Manuela’s life, but it appears that he was ultimately cleared of those charges. It’s been reported that in 2017 this man was released.

More recent photo of Daniel

*I already know what some of you are about to say; Yes, yes I am aware that this is not common Satanistic behavior, nor is it permitted. These two were extremists, and every religion has them. Mine certainly does.

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