The Necrophile Cannibal Vampire Grave Robbing Serial Killer of Paris

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In November of 1994 Nicolas Claux was arrested for the death of 34 year Thierry Bissonnier. He’s an interesting character, Nico. At the time of the murder he had been employed as a Mortician’s assistant, a perfect career choice since Nico had such a passion for the dead. You know what they say, find a job you love and you’ll never work a day in your life. Right?

Morgue in which Nico had been employed

Anywho, Nico kept bags of blood in his fridge which he liked to drink mixed with stolen cremated remains and protein powder. He did admit to cannibalizing the corpses which had come through his morgue, he would cut away strips of muscle for consumption and claimed that human tastes like horse meat. How Nico knows what horse meat tastes like is anybody’s guess, but I digress. Along with the human cremains, multiple sets of human skeletal remains were found within his home; sadly these have yet to be identified.

At the age of ten his grandfather had passed away from a cerebral embolism while the two were having a disagreement. Nico would always feel that his family blamed him alone for Grandpa’s death, and it was at this time that Nico became obsessed with Satanism, death, and all things macabre. He soon began to haunt the local grave yards, he’d broken into mausoleums, and funeral homes. Nico claims he robbed his first grave while he was only 17.

Perelachaise Cemetery where Nico used to dig up graves

It’s believed by many that Thierry was not Nico’s only victim, but that he is a serial killer responsible for a string of homophobic murders; 7 of these deaths took place that October alone. The victims had all been shot with a .22, just the same as Thierry.


Nico has openly admitted to meeting people on a French homosexual website called Minitel which had been popular at the time. The killer stated, “I found out that it was an easy way for me to kill them without any witnesses, plus I had the guarantee of remaining anonymous, since there was no possibility of tracing back the discussions on Minitel.”.

Mausoleum Nico robbed

We know this is how he lured Thierry to his death; the two had conversed about bondage online and planned to make their fantasy become reality. In October Thierry invited Nico to his home; moments after Nico walked through the door, he shot the man in the face. The blast did not kill Thierry, he lay bleeding and gasping on the floor as Nico rummaged through the apartment and snacked on cookies.

Le Moulin Rouge where Nico was finally captured

After he’d robbed his victim blind, Nico shot Thierry again and eventually bashed his head in with a flower pot.
In November Nico was arrested outside the infamous Moulin Rouge, and during interrogation he admitted to the one murder; though investigators absolutely believe that many more lost their lives to Nico, he was only charged with the one.

Evidence used to convict Nico. He’d bitten his victim

At court a psychatrist stated that Nico was a “nearly psychotic sadist”. Though he was sentenced to 12 years in prison, Nico served less than 8; he was set free in March of 2002. Since his release, he has had a strong presence online; today Nico is a popular guy. He’s an artist, a blogger, and he sells bloody art on his website. You may recognize him from Serial Killer Calendar; he is not remorseful, but claims that he has moved on.

Nico whilst in prison

Throughout my apartment, bone fragments and human teeth were scattered about like loose change; vertebras and leg bones hung from the ceiling like morbid mobiles, and hundreds of videocassettes, mostly slasher and hardcore S&M flicks, filled my shelves. One can only imagine what went through the minds of the investigators as they looked around my living quarters. On one wall hung a bullet-riddled target, while across the room sat a TV set with jars of human ashes resting on top of it. Several bondage magazines were piled in a far corner, and nearby my backpack was found, which contained handcuffs, surgical instruments and duct tape. In addition to my tastes and choice of décor, investigators also discovered several stolen blood bags inside of my refrigerator. -Nico Claux

Some of Nico’s artwork

I’m enclosing Nico’s “how to eat human meat” instructions below, along with a link which leads to an interview. I wish I had a photo of Nico’s victim, but sadly I do not.

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