The Fox’s Terrible Crime

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CAUTION! CRIME SCENE PHOTOS! Marion Parker was just your average 12 year old little girl living in LA, California back in 1927. Her daddy had been a wealthy banker, which was the child’s only sin.


On December 15th, Marion was kidnapped from her school. William Hickman, a man who had once worked for Marion’s father, told the woman at the school office that Marion’s father had been in a terrible accident; he was there to escort the young lady to the hospital. The school had no reason to believe that the man was a liar; back in those days nobody would’ve dreamed he had something evil planned. Ultimately Marion was permitted to leave with this stranger.


Within hours of the kidnapping, Marion’s banker father began receiving ransom notes, telegraphs, signed by “The Fox”. The Fox demanded a great deal of money for back then – $1,500. William threatened to murder Marion, to slice her up, unless he got the cash which had been demanded.

Bless her little heart

The child had been dead. Marion’s eyes had been sewn open to make her appear lively, and held open with wires. The innocent kid had been disemboweled and her insides stuffed with towels; even her arms and legs had been removed.

The kidnapper, William The Fox Hickman, was finally caught a week after the drop. Once arrested, William did confess to what he did to the girl. She had been alive when they’d gone to the last drop, but seeing the police had freaked William out – it had thrown him into a rage. He attacked the girl, and he began to dismember the girl while she’d still been alive. Just imagine that horror for a moment.

Poor kid

Marion had been tortured and murdered a mere 12 hours before the final drop. Once he had killed the girl, William spent much of his time making her appear to be alive, then propping her deceased body up in the vehicle with towels.

The Fox

Before his death, William did confess to another murder which had occurred during a robbery on Christmas eve of 1920. The Fox was sentenced to death for what he did to this 12 year old girl; he met the hangman’s noose on February the 4th of 1928.

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