To Dispel Many Untruths About Mass Shooters In America

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If you look at pictures of school or spree shooters, you’ll notice many have something in common. They often have wild eyes and similar hair cuts. These things are not a prerequisite but they’re common enough.

Dylann Roof

Recently experts have theorized that the crazy eyes are due to the killer taking antipsychotic meds, and maybe they’re on to something there. But why do so many sport the same types of hair dos? Is it a coincidence? Do they do it because they want to be like the shooters before them? Who knows.

James Holmes

Now while we’re at it here’s some statistics about American shooters. Popular belief is that all or most shooters are white males, which is not true at all.

DeWayne Craddock

The following percentages are from Mother Jones Magazine (considered a very reliable source). It looked at mass shooters (4+ victims) dating from to 1982 to either 2017 or 2018 when I first researched this subject.

Seung-Hui Cho

64% of the shooters were white males. 16% were black males, and 9% Asian. That said, in the US, Caucasians make up the largest majority of the population, 63% of Americans are white. African Americans account for 13%, and Asians 5% of the population. Latinos make up about 17% but I can’t tell y1qou how many of them go on mass shooting sprees because Hispanics and native Americans were rounded out of the study. (Yeah I hear you, I’m offended too!)

A few female shooters

Another thing to consider, 10% of the shooters were women. Matter of fact, the first person credited with a school shooting was a female named Brenda Spencer; I’m sure you already knew that, but just in case! Women are just as capable of wigging out and shooting strangers as our male counterparts, it just usually takes more to push us to that point. Ladies like to kill those closest to them, and generally in non violent ways. The so-called “gentler sex” tends to like pretty corpses – we’d rather poison your ass and pretend to nurse you back to health.

Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold

The average age of mass shooters is approximately 35, but some were as young as 11.

Snochia Mosely, she’s an interesting one! I would love to go into detail at about her, even moreso than the rest. Maybe a future article is in order!

My point is not to offend anyone, which often happens when race is mentioned. That’s not what I want to do, not ever! I’m just here to spread the facts. Everyone is capable of murder, whether it be serial, family annihilation, mass murder; every race, religion, and sex. The biggest difference is what the media likes to report on and what it doesn’t. Also, try not to tick off the guy sporting the bowl cut!

All of these are mass murderers
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