A Vampire Rapist Killer You’ve Likely Never Heard Of…

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Malabar, Florida in November of 1985-
A 19-year-old female was found on the side of the road, crawling on all fours; this girl was completely nude, with her wrists and ankles handcuffed. When a passing vehicle stopped, the young lady pointed towards a house and begged for the driver to remember it. At the hospital doctors were surprised to learn that this poor girl had been drained of between 40-45% of her blood, and she’d been raped multiple times.

The victim had been hitchhiking the day before she was discovered, a very harmless looking man named John Brennan Crutchley had picked her up.

John had been a 39 year old husband, father of a young son, he had a great reputation, a master’s degree in engineering administration, security clearance for the Pentagon, and a great career with NASA. While on the road, John told his unsuspecting victim that he needed to stop by his house for just a second; when he pulled into the driveway, John threw a rope around the girl’s neck and dragged her inside.

John’s wife was out of town for Thanksgiving, so the man had the whole house to himself. The girl had passed out from being dragged inside, and awoke to find that her captor had set up a camcorder complete with professional lighting so that he could record every single second of this ordeal to later relish in.

The girl was forcibly stripped naked, chained up in the kitchen, and violently raped over and over again. As if that weren’t bad enough, this man had needles which he inserted into the girl’s arm; her blood was drained into a glass jar, which John happily drank. When she asked what he was doing, John told the girl that he was a vampire and he needed her blood. Later that night, John took his young victim to the bathroom; she was chained up, raped, and drained of blood again and again.

Google says this is the house

This young lady surely would’ve died, but 22 hours into the horrendous ordeal John left the house for a bit. He promised that if his captive tried to escape while he was away, she would promptly be caught and murdered. When the teen was absolutely certain that the coast was clear, this brave young lady escaped through a small bathroom window. Emergency doctors were certain that this woman would not have survived had John taken another drop of blood from her.

John was quickly arrested and his home was searched; what investigators found inside is nothing less than terrifying. The camcorder which had been mentioned by the victim was found, but since John had been expecting the police, he’d had time to erase the film. Hidden inside a closet were sex toys, bondage material, and countless ladies items which did not belong to John’s wife. They were trophies: hair clippings, jewellery, drivers licenses, credit cards, jars of blood, etc. The FBI is certain that this was not John’s first rodeo, that he’d murdered approximately 30 women throughout the years. The remains of 4 women have been found within 6 miles of John’s home, and it’s definitely believed these are a few of his victims.

It’s thought that this serial abducted women from not only Florida, but Pennsylvania, Virginia, Maryland, and DC. One probable victim was a young Virginia woman named Deborah Fitzjohn, John was the last person to see her alive.

At court FBI agent Robert Ressler (Ressler is the man who coined the phrase “serial killer”) testified of his certainty that John had been a serial killer, this was done in hopes that he would be sent to prison for as long as possible. The “vampire rapist” pled guilty to the kidnapping and rape of his surviving victim, and was sentenced to 25 years to life. After serving only 11 years, on August 8, 1996, John was released from prison; thankfully he smoked some weed and violated his parole the very next day. Gratefully (in this case) Florida has a 3 Strikes law, and John was sentenced to life imprisonment.

While incarcerated John was housed with a man named Patrick Dontell; Patrick would later claim that John confessed to murdering more than two dozen women. He said that while some were taken home and bled out, others were quickly strangled to death during a sexual assault. Patrick was given a polygraph test, and he did pass. On top of that, John’s attorney claims that his client was more than willing to confess to 6 murders, but he would only do so if the death penalty was taken off the table. Florida refused; it must be stated that prosecutors deny this.

On March the 30th of 2002 John was found dead in his cell; the cause of death was suicide by auto-erotic asphyxiation.

*A Vampire Rapist Killer You’ve Likely Never Heard Of… unless you have followed me for years. I’m sorry that some of this material happens to be repeats. I do hope that you understand it’s my hard work and I’m trying to transfer it here where I’ll never lose it, while still making new content for you guys and more for the patreon at the same time. It’s a lot of work and to be 100% transparent I’m not hanging in there very well right now. I turn 40 on April fool’s day, under quarantine, I’ve lost 2 pets (my parrot and my cat) and I am sick. I hope it’s not the Corona funk, but I’ve been advised that so long as I’m breathing okay, walking, and not having chest pain to stay home. That’s exactly what I’m doing. Y’all know I’m agoraphobic and rarely leave the house anyhow so who in the world would’ve thought that this quarantine crap would be so hard? Anyways, sorry for my so sorry. Are you guys okay? Hanging in there, or ready to hang someone? Lol that’s dark humor, don’t actually do that. I’m sending my love and hoping everyone reading this is healthy and holding up strong emotionally as well. -Crystal Bearr

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  1. Well, 40 hit me good, but in a month I’ll be 49. I understand that weird feeling, look forward to your vision getting worse in the next few years! But you know what? You’ll become much more confident in who you are, in a more real way! Keep doing what fuels your fire and drop what doesn’t if you can.
    This is by no means preaching… I need to practice the same thing.
    Grieve your pets and remember the happy things. I’m so sorry for your losses.
    Take care of yourself.

    1. Michelle I’m just seeing this! For some reason I’m not receiving notifications for comments.
      Thank you. 40 hit me hard, it was rough but the state of the world surely added to that depression. This year has been rough, and I’m sure that pulling up on 50 has to be So much harder ❤️
      Thank you for the pep talk, I appreciate it more than you know!
      ❤️- Crystal
      PS- I hope you’re well!

  2. Sounds like you had a fantastic celebration none the less. Keep safe. I enjoy reading your posts so much. Lots of love from Cape Town South Africa

    1. Thank you so much! Turning 40, man. That’s a tough one, even in the best of circumstances! My husband’s amazing, he did his best to make it a decent day. I cried, he fed me shots and I may have 20 beers all year 😂 I got drunk as a skunk!
      Thank you, Anitah!
      Crystal Bearr 💜

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