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These are a couple of the photos from cases posted on my Patreon this past month; there are more than 7 new Exclusive Patreon posts since March 1st. The lowest platform to join is only $3 a month! Donations will help keep this site up and running as well as getting that podcast y’all keep asking for up and running! I can’t continue to do this without your support. That said, I Completely understand that times are tough right now; my husband isn’t working right now either, I get it. If you can’t afford it now, please consider joining in the future. Or, you can Always donate to my PayPal! The donation button (the donate button does not say PayPal, you’ll see that once you click it) is at the bottom of my home page and I believe at the bottom of each post on this site.

Most importantly, I hope you and your loved ones are feeling well, and doing well.

Sincerely, Crystal Bearr

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