Is Scientology To Blame?

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Elli Perkins had been, by all accounts, a beautiful woman and a joy to be around. She’d had a picture perfect family, one daughter and one son, and even the perfect marriage. By profession Elli had been a glass artist, and senior auditor in the church of Scientology; had she not been a Scientologist, it’s most likely she would still be alive today. Elli had believed with everything in her that Scientology had held all the answers, this would cost the woman her life.


Elli’s son, Jeremy, had begun to show signs of mental illness in his mid 20’s; he’d explained to his father that he had been hearing voices in his mind. At that time, instead of getting their son psychological help, his parents did what any good scientologist would do: they sent Jeremy to join the Sea Org. The couple had been told that this would solve their son’s problem. Not surprisingly, the sea org didn’t fix the young man and he’d returned to his parents in New York within a few months; Jeremy resumed his job with his father’s business.


Scientologists believe that psychiatry is the root of all evil, that it doesn’t work, and it only causes more trouble. Had Elli sent Jeremy to a shrink and put him on psych meds, she would have been removed from her religion, labeled a “suppressive person” and no one in the organization would be allowed to have contact with her ever again. So the mother continued to ask for guidance from fellow Scientologists.

In 2002 Jeremy’s health declined to the point that his own father had to terminate his employment. The “church” had given up on the young man, labeled him as a level III “Potential Trouble Source”, and banned him from talking any further Scientology courses. You know, because it was Jeremy’s own fault that he was mentally ill. But Mama Elli kept up with the auditing; she had truly believed what he religion had taught her, and somehow Scientology would cure her only son.

After being found trespassing outside of the University at Buffalo in August of 2001, Jeremy was arrested. The court recognized mental illness when they saw it and Jeremy was diagnosed with schizophrenia. Somehow Elli convinced the judge to allow her son released into her custody; Jeremy was denied of all psychological treatment.

Elli did seek the help of a Dr. Conrad Maulfair, an osteopathic physician and fellow Scientologist. Dr. Maulfair concluded that Jeremy had been suffering from “digestive problems” due to chemical toxins. Instead of those desperately needed psych meds, Jeremy was placed on “energized vitamins”. Elli forced her son to take these vitamins religiously, and Jeremy, growing more paranoid by the hour, began to believe his mother was out to get him; those vitamins must be poison.

L. Ron Hubbard, science fiction writer and founder of Scientology.

In February of 2003, Elli took Jeremy, who now believed himself to be Christ reincarnated, to see a self educated natural healer by the name of Albert Brown. The family decided Jeremy would be better off going to live with Mr. Brown – he must be the answer they’d been searching for. In the meanwhile, Jeremy was to be given constant MEST – aka busy work. This would keep him occupied until he could successfully be moved out of his parent’s home.

Scientology buildings in Clearwater, Florida. This is Sea Org territory.

The crap finally hit the proverbial fan on the morning of March 13, 2003, the very day that 28 year old Jeremy had been scheduled to move in with Mr. Brown. Mother and son had been arguing, and Elli had ordered Jeremy to take a shower. While in the bathroom, Jeremy tried to commit suicide by slashing his wrists. This didn’t kill him, so he decided to end his Mama’s life instead.

Elli had been in the kitchen talking on the phone to a friend when her son attacked her with a steak knife; she was stabbed 77 times, mostly in the chest and stomach. Jeremy also attempted to pluck out his mother’s eye during the attack. He said that Elli’s eye had often shifted forms while he’d talked to her, that eye had been evil and needed plucking.

Jeremy Perkins pleaded not guilty to 2nd degree murder. He underwent 8 psychological evaluations and every single one of those doctors said the same thing: Jeremy was a paranoid schizophrenic. He was found not guilty by reason of insanity and has since been committed. Today the meds are working, and Jeremy is said to be mentally stable.

Jeremy himself blames Scientology, he says this never ever would have happened had he been on the meds he’s on today. As you can imagine, the “church” of Scientology has done their best to distance itself from this case.

*There are so many cases involving Scientology, if you’ve followed me for long you’ve probably noticed I like to write about them. So much craziness, and they’ve somehow gotten away with murder countless times. Anyhow, I hope you’re all well!

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