The Hand Of Voodoo

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It was 1997 in Bradenton, Florida when a waterlogged severed human hand was discovered in the Manatee River. This was mysterious, and police honestly didn’t know what to make of it. After much care, the medical examiner was finally able to get prints off the hand. It belonged to a 70 year old man named Willie Suttle. But Willie had been dead for more than a year, and he was supposed to have gone to the grave with both his hands fully in tact.

Willie’s corpse was exhumed, and he most definitely was missing his hand; his wrist had been wrapped up in tape. During an xray of the man’s body it was found that many little pins had been inserted into Willie’s flesh. His internal organs had been removed, and several tiny voodoo dolls complete with pins took their place. These little dolls had notes pinned to them, notes cursing many local residents who these voodoo dolls were supposed to represent. Willie himself had become a voodoo doll.

Police could tell that the man’s final resting place had not been disturbed, so they went to the funeral home which handled Willie’s funeral arrangements.

Here they met the owner, Paula Green Albritton. Paula was taken in for questioning, and she admitted everything. She was a voodoo priestess, that this was her religion. Paula admitted that her funeral home business hadn’t been doing so well, and she’d known exactly how to fix that.

Paula had made the voodoo dolls representing her enemies (other local funeral home owners, her ex, etc.) then she had placed them inside Willie’s corpse. As the dolls rotted, her enemies were supposed to rot as well. When asked why Willie’s hand had been cut off, she said it was supposed to be her “helping hand”. Turned out that hand had been just the opposite; without the discovery of Willie’s hand, Paula would never have been caught.

Paula was sentenced to just a year in prison, but that was later overturned.

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