The Doctor’s Revenge

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1994 in Lafayette, Louisiana
Janice Trahan Allen had been a young married mother when she graduated nursing school and gained employment at a local hospital. While there, she met a handsome doctor, Richard J. Schmidt, who was also married with children. Nevertheless, an affair began; things grew serious, and the pair ultimately decided to leave their spouses and begin a new life together. Janice left the father of her son, and she waited for the doctor to do the same; he never fulfilled his end of the bargain.

Janice did not intend to remain a mistress, and she had attempted to end the affair. But every time she’d try and break it off, the doctor would become angry and vow to ruin her life. Richard had sworn that he’d get even, he’d post naughty photos of Janice on the bulletin board at work, he’d ruin her life, he would make sure no man would ever want her again, or even kill her. Janice knew Richard was serious, and the doctor blackmailed her for ten years before Janice finally found the nerve to cut Richard off for good.

For the past several years Janice had suffered from lethargy, and the doctor had been injecting her with vitamin B shots. Richard had always been her doctor, so this part of the relationship continued.

One day Janice realized she didn’t feel good. Her lymph nodes were swollen, she had pain in her eyes, and she felt ill. She went to multiple doctors, nobody could figure out what was going on with her. Finally, she went to see Dr. Richard. He ordered blood work, and the results were shocking. Janice not only suddenly had hepatitis C, but she had somehow contracted HIV. The doctor began gossiping about his patient, telling everyone that nurse Janice had a habit of frequenting sleazy bars and bringing strange men home. Absolutely none of this had been true.

Janice thought long and hard about it, and she decided that she knew where she had picked up the diseases. She went to the police, and finally the district attorney; Janice told them about a late night call from the doctor, telling Janice he was coming over right now to give her a B vitamin shot. Richard had arrived at her house within minutes, injected her, then practically ran out the door. All of this had been so out of the ordinary, and the shot itself was unusually painful; she’d never had an injection hurt like that in her entire life! Looking back on it, Janice believed that the doctor had shot her up with hepatitis C and HIV that night.

Doctor Richard had been so well loved and respected in the community that nobody had believed her; even if someone had believed her, there was no proof! But Janice could prove that she’d just donated blood months before the blood test, and that she had been virus free at that time. With this, police got a search warrant on the doctor. In his phone records they could see that Richard had made that late night phone call, just as Janice had claimed. They searched his office, and strangely all of the patient logs were missing from that day; eventually investigators found them hidden in with the 1982 patient records. For the day in question, they found 2 patients who had bloodwork done- but there was no sticker next to their names meaning that these two blood samples had never been sent off to the lab. Police tracked these 2 patients down, and one had hepatitis, the other, full blown AIDS. The AIDS patient also told police that the doctor had called him that day saying it was paramount that he come in for blood work, and he had to come in at that very moment; this patient hadn’t even had an appointment! Investigators tested Janice’s HIV strain against the patient’s AIDS strain; it was deemed that the two were identical. This proved that Janice’s seemingly far fetched theory had been true!

On the night in question, Dr. Schmidt made sure he had an alibi: the only time he was ever out of his wife’s sight was when she took a 20 minute bath. That’s when he rushed to Janice’s house and gave her that injection- a lethal concoction of HIV and Hep C. The AIDS virus doesn’t live long outside of the body, which is why he was so anxious to shoot her up right then and there. The doctor’s wife had no idea that Richard had ever left the house that evening.

In 1998 Dr Richard Schmidt was tried for attempted murder and sentenced to 50 years; in 2015 he was denied parole. Despite all the evidence against him, the doctor maintains his innocence.

Janice, now remarried, is still hanging in there. There is a rumor that Janice passed away, but that appears to be just a rumor. She is on Facebook, and appears to be doing as well as possible. Here is her statement about the ordeal: “I deal daily with the harsh side effects of the medications and take one day at a time coping with my illnesses. I am disabled and unable to work. I have been blessed in many ways and Jerry and I just celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary. My husband, children & grandchildren give me many reasons to live.”.

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