Devil In A Skirt

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Urals, Russia-

Irina Gaidamachuk is one of the worst types of serial killers, from 2002 through 2010 she preyed on the elderly. Her victims were helpless women between the ages of 61 and 89 years of age.

Irina was an alcoholic wife and mother of 2 who just couldn’t afford her liquor. Her husband, Yuri, refused to enable Irina’s habit, and he financially cut her off. But Irina still found a way to obtain the substance she was addicted to, a horrible way. She would knock on doors where she knew elderly women lived and tell them she was a social worker sent to check on their welfare. Once inside her home, Irina would rob the woman blind, brutally bash her brains in with a hammer or even an axe, then she often set fire to their homes before fleeing the scene.

17 mature women were murdered this way.
While police were sure that they were hunting a serial killer, they never dreamed they were looking for a woman; they just assumed it was a man. Eventually there would be a witness, Irina’s 17th victim would escape and run to the police. Sadly one more woman would lose her life to this killer, but this last victim’s neighbors were able to positively identify Irina as the woman they had seen escape from their neighbor’s burning home. Irina was finally caught, and her surviving victim did identify her; once she’s realized she was busted, Irina did confess. The mother of two said she’d done it all to feed her out of control vodka addiction. Irina’s victims weren’t wealthy, they were pensioners; for these 17 murders Irina had only collected approximately $1,000 in cash.

In 2012 a 40 year old Irina was tried for one attempted and 17 successful murders; she was found guilty. Amazing Irina was sentenced to a mere 20 years in prison; the judge was so lenient because Irina had been known as a decent mother who’d volunteered at her daughter’s school. In 2032, when she is just a bit over 60 years old, this serial will be set free.

So, since Irina, AKA “Devil in a skirt” has been caught, the elderly of Urals can breathe easy, right? Nope! Before Irina even went to trial for her murders, the area had themselves a brand spanking new granny serial who picked up right where Irina left off! This is a male copycat killer who is described as being approximately 5’6″ tall, of Asian descent, and probably in his 30’s; this one preys on the lonely, and pretends to be a housing official to gain access to Grandma’s flat. Once inside, he strangles his victims to death; sadly 32 pensioners between the ages of 75 and 90 have lost their lives to this man. Despite being caught on CCTV in 2016 while searching for victims (there’s a video of him trolling for victims) according to my research this one remains at large. There’s not any recent mention of this one since he was captured on CCTV, maybe this scared him? It’s doubtful he can control his urges forever.

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