The Miraculous Mary Clamser

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1994, Oklahoma.
44 year old Mary had been living with Multiple Sclerosis. She’d not been doing too well, her disease had progressed to the point that she needed metal braces on her leg.

There’s an old Unsolved Mysteries episode about Mary, it’s where I first learned of her.

Then on August 17th of 1994 lightening struck, quite literally. On this day Mary had been at home minding her own business during a thunderstorm; it just so happened that Mary had both hands on a metal object and she was wearing her metal leg brace when she was struck by lightening. Instead of making Mary’s illness much worse (which is precisely what all of the doctors swore should’ve happened) Mary was completely cured! She could suddenly walk without any sort of support, and her pain had completely disappeared! Within months Mary was walking in high heels again!

Then lightening struck Mary again – figuratively this time. This walking miracle had an appointment at the Oklahoma City Federal Building at 9 am on April 19th of 1995, but a network in California had asked to interview Mary about the lightening strike on that very day instead. Mary has decided to cancel her appointment in Oklahoma and fly to California instead. It turned out that at 9:02 am on April 19th, exactly 25 years ago today, Timothy McVeigh blew up the building where Mary had her appointment that morning. 680+ people were injured during the Oklahoma City bombing and 168 people lost their lives that day – 19 of these victims were just children. Had it not been for her lightening strike there surely would’ve been at least one more victim.

Though doctors said that the relief would not be permanent, it was last reported Mary is still doing very well. She’s lost both her husband and son, but Mary herself is still chugging along!

*We can not forget the 25th anniversary of the Oklahoma City Bombing. We must remember those who tragically lost their lives, those men and women at the scene who worked to save the survivors, and the people who lost loved ones in this tragedy. We will never forget.

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