The Despicable Westley Allan Dodd

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*I usually go into great detail on my articles, but I promise that will not be the case with this one; still, if you are super sensitive to crimes involving children, you may still want to skip this. I despise this serial killer, absolutely hate him. Matter of fact, a book about him was the one and only book I could not finish. I became physically ill, actually felt dirty just reading about him. That is how horrible this killer is.

Westley Allan Dodd

Being a victim of child abuse, especially sexual, leaves it’s permanent mark on a victim. It either makes us despise child abusers, or it turns it’s victims into abusers themselves. Westley Allan Dodd, from Vancouver, Washington, had been sexually abused as a young boy, and by the time he was 13 he was assaulting easily accessible younger children such as his own cousins.

Throughout the years It’s believed Westley abused 175 kids, most of them boys but not all. He was arrested a couple times, he even tried to kidnap 2 little girls at one point; though having been deemed a “sexual psychopath” by a court psychologist nothing serious was ever done to stop the budding killer. As is often the case, eventually serial sexual assault wasn’t good enough, and Westley began to kill.

William and Cole Neer

On September 4th of 1989, Westley drove to a park where he knew there would be children. He lured 2 brothers, William and Cole Neer, into a clearing where he tied them up, sexually assaulted them, stabbed them, and left them for dead. Westley then ran from the scene, leaving his young victims tied to that tree where they would be found.

Westley’s vehicle

Westley realized that he’d really enjoyed the murdering, he got more of a thrill from the kill than he ever had from the assault. One month after he committed his first double murder, on October 29th, Westley drove to another park in search of his next victim. Here the pervert found a 4 year old baby named Lee Iseli. He offered to give Lee a ride home, the child agreed to get in Westley’s vehicle; instead of taking little Lee back home, he drove him back to his apartment. Westley abused the poor child for the remainder of that day and throughout the night, periodically he would take photos of the abuse or to write about the experience in his diary.


The next day Westley killed the poor child, hung him from his closet. He kept little Lee’s underwear as a souvenir, even constructed a glass case to keep them in.

The closet in which Lee was hung

Westley enjoyed this so much that he immediately began to plan for his next kill, and he invented a torture rack. Just as soon as this was complete, he went to a movie theater where he attempted to kidnap another child. Luckily Westley was stopped in the middle of this abduction, and arrested.

That torture rack

Police found evidence that he was responsible for the dead children, and they had his diary in which he written about everything rotten thing he’d ever accomplished and what exactly he’d had planned for the future.

Westley’s home

Westley stated in an interview that he needed to be put to death. If allowed to live, he would do whatever he needed, which included killing prison guards, so that he could be free to kill children again. The baby killer had absolutely zero remorse, and on January 5th of 1993 this wretched man was put to death, by hanging. This was his how Westley had wanted to go out; he had wished to hang just as his young victim had.

*These are the links I promise: Westley’s diary. I have not read it all, I’ve just skimmed it. If you have the stomach for it, go ahead and read it.

I can’t say that this is a bad book, it was written well. I have been studying true crime since I was 12, and this was the ONLY book I have not been capable of finishing.

Scroll down through this link and you’ll see in graphic detail what was done to poor little Lee.

Link to Westley’s Full diary:!topic/alt.true-crime/k5N3gtHREjk

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