Jamie Stice’s Story

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Jamie Stice was a sweet, caring young woman; it’s said that to know her was to love her. When she was 21, Jamie and her ex boyfriend, James Reynolds, discovered that they were expecting. As many young mothers often find, it’s really not an easy time; single friends are busy living their own lives, and Jamie was lonely living at home in Bowling Green, Kentucky with her mama. Though the family had been struggling financially, they were very excited about having a new baby to love…


33 year old Kathy Michelle Coy found a very lonesome Jamie through Facebook. She told the young mother to be that they had mutual friends, and that she was expecting as well. A naive Jamie had no reason to be alarmed; she quickly became very close to Kathy. The older woman went above and beyond to get close to Jamie; Kathy would bring Jamie desperately needed baby supplies, and even gave Jamie’s mama, Jeannie Stice, money to help out. The family had truly believed that Kathy was an angel, the answer to their prayers; they came to view the woman as one of the family; little did they know that Kathy would become their worst nightmare.

Jamie’s mama, Jeannie

Finally, when Jamie was about 30 weeks pregnant, Kathy told her she knew a great place to purchase some cheaply priced baby products. On the day they’d planned to go shopping, Kathy gave Jamie’s mama a ride to the DMV, then went back to the house for Jamie. With mama Jeannie out of the way, Kathy was finally free to carry out the sinister plan she’d been thinking of for several months.

Kathy hadn’t been pregnant at all; come to find out she had 2 teenaged children and was now obsessed with having another. Instead of taking Jamie shopping as planned, on April 13th of 2011 Kathy drove her victim to a dirt road out in the middle of nowhere. She shocked the pregnant mother with a stun gun, tied and slit Jamie’s wrists, and slashed her throat with a drywall knife. Kathy cut Jamie’s womb open and stole the baby boy inside. With the premie’s umbilical cord still attached, Kathy drove to a friend’s house where she took photos of the newborn she claimed to have just delivered; these pictures were sent to a boyfriend.

Jamie’s boyfriend and father of her child

Kathy’s friend noticed right away that something wasn’t right; Kathy has been acting strangely, she was wearing no pants, and the infant had grass on his body! She promptly dialed 911, and of course Kathy was soon found out; of course the doctors could tell that Kathy had not just given birth. Plus this newborn baby still had a uterus, ovaries, placenta, and an umbilical cord attached to his tiny body! When police questioned the woman as to where this infant came from, Kathy originally claimed she’d purchased him for $550.


Police looked through Kathy’s phone, and they discovered she’d been in contact with two young pregnant ladies; one could easily be accounted for, but nobody knew where Jamie was!

This is where Jamie’s body was discovered

Meanwhile, Jamie’s mama, Jeannie, was at home having a fit. Her pregnant daughter was nowhere to be found, and Kathy had told her that she’d dropped Jamie off at home when she herself went into labor. Kathy even had the nerve to invite Jamie’s panicked mama to the hospital to meet her new baby boy!

Eventually the killer did admit to what she’d done, and accompanied police back to the wooded area where she’d left poor Jamie’s corpse. The beautiful young woman had been disemboweled, with her hands carelessly tied behind her back. Police had to notify Jeannie that her pride and joy, her best friend, her daughter was dead, and that her prescious grandson may not make it; to top it all off, the killer had been the family’s trusted friend, Kathy Coy.

Kathy Coy

It finally came out just how obsessed Kathy had been with having a new baby. She’d been telling everyone she was pregnant for years, yet no baby had ever come. The year before Jamie lost her life, Kathy had attempted to convince her own teenaged children to help her murder a woman and cut out her fetus! She’d been waiting for a trusting young victim like Jamie to come along for a long while.

Kathy with her family

At court Kathy pled guilty but mentally ill; she was sentenced to life in prison with no parole. Had she not pled guilty, Kathy would’ve faced the death penalty.

Thankfully, Jamie’s baby boy, named Isaiah Allen Stice Reynolds, is alive and well; he is the apple of his grandma’s eye. Last I heard, he was being raised by his father, but Jeannie and her family are helping to to bring up the beloved miracle boy.

James and baby Isaiah
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