The Murder Of Debra Evans & Her Children

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Addison, Illinois in 1995
28 old Debra Evans was a single mother of 3, with one on the way. She had a 10 year old daughter named Samantha, Joshua was 8, and Jordan was only 19 months. Debra was one of the good ones, a truly decent human being with a heart of gold; this would be her down fall.

Debra, Samantha, Josh, and Jordan

Jacqueline Williams had been down on her luck; she was pregnant, due at the same time as Debra. Being the kind soul that she was, Debra couldn’t stand the thought of the woman living on the street, especially not in her condition. The trusting mother allowed Jacqueline to move in with her family.


Sadly things aren’t always as they seem, and too often people can not be trusted. Jacqueline had lied about everything, including her pregnancy. The woman had already given birth to 3 children and her tubes had been tied; Jacqueline knew she could never have another, but her new boyfriend, Fedell Caffey, had been determined to become a father. Fedell wanted to steal Debra’s baby because the child was mixed; he did not have dark skin, and had hoped that this baby might look like him. This is why Debra in particular was targeted; Jacqueline had intended to get close, steal the baby, and raise him as her own. To add to this tragedy, Laverne Ward had been in on the plan; Laverne was not only Fedel’s cousin, but he was also Debra’s ex-boyfriend and the biological father of Debra’s 16 month old and her unborn infant. Laverne had been violent, and Debra had a restraining order against him.


On November 16th of 1995, Debra had been due to give birth in 3 days; Jacqueline, her boyfriend Fedell, and cousin Laverne decided it was time to take the baby. The trio confronted Debra in her home, and they offered the mother $2,000 for her unborn baby. She refused to sell, so the attackers pulled a gun on the frightened mother.


The killers shot, stabbed Debra multiple times, and cut the baby boy out of his mama’s womb with a pair of scissors while Debra’s children were forced to watch. Once the baby was crudely delivered, they placed a bullet in the poor mother’s head. Since the children were witnesses, they had to be dealt with as well; Debra’s daughter was murdered in the bedroom.

There’s no telling what this group originally intended to do with 8 year old Josh. He was kidnapped and taken to the home of a woman named Patrice Scott; this friend had been told that the boy’s mother was in the hospital after suffering a gun shot during a drug deal gone bad, and Patrice was asked to keep the child overnight. Once left alone, young Josh was inconsolable. He repeatedly told Patrice what he had witnessed and who was responsible for it all; Josh said that four people climbed into his home through the window and stacked his mama and sister with a knife. The boy begged Patrice to lock the home up tight so that the killers wouldn’t come back for them. Patrice told Jacqueline what Josh had said, and the group decided that since the child had such “a big mouth” he must be dealt with. This poor kid was poisoned, strangled, stabbed, and his throat was slashed; after Josh was dead, his corpse was left alone in an alley, like nothing more than trash.

A couple of hours after the murders, Debra’s new boyfriend came home from work and discovered the blood bath. It’s said that little Jordan, who had been left alone with his deceased sister and mama, was found covered in blood, crying, and saying “Mommy hurt” over and over again.

Debra’s sister and father

Police immediately began looking for Laverne, since his biological child had been the only one left alive. Then authorities received a call from one of Laverne’s ex girlfriends, she stated that Laverne had called to tell her what had been done to Debra, and he’d threatened that if she did not break up with her boyfriend that she would suffer the same fate.

When Police caught up with Jacqueline the next day, she had newborn baby Elijah with her. Thankfully he was healthy in spite of it all, and weighed a good 6 pounds 8 ounces. The killer swore that Elijah belonged to her, but of course tests concluded otherwise.

Debra’s family at the clemency hearing

Jacqueline and her accomplices were originally sentenced to death, but they’ve since had their sentences commuted to life. Still, that isn’t good enough; a couple of years back Jacqueline was fighting to be released, she claims that she’s served enough time already. Jacqueline says the same thing they all say: she’s sorry, she’s “changed” and deserves a second chance at life. While incarcerated she’s been schooled in cosmetology and dog grooming, plus she’s involved in Alcoholics Anonymous; today she’s prepared to contribute to society. Jacqueline is begging that she be allowed to go home to her 3 adult children and enjoy her grandbabies. I’m very happy to report that it does not appear she will be free anytime soon.

Survivors Elijah and Jordan

Debra’s father, Sam Evans, has raised both Elijah and Jordan, and it was last reported they are all doing exceptionally well today. Poor Jordan still has a difficult time talking about what happened, understandably. Imagine knowing that not only were your mama and siblings murdered in front of you, but that your father is the one to blame! The only good thing about this case is, the surviving brothers seem very close, and they’ve had a great family to support them.

There is a documentary about the case:

Happy Mother’s Day 💛 I hope you’re all doing very well!

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  1. The three should never see outside no matter what! Who cares what this Jacqueline made of herself in prison! If she wanted family life so bad she should never taken the life of a family!

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