Jamestown & Cannibalism

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It has always been speculated that the early American settlers of Jamestown practiced cannibalism. Finally, just a few years shop, they found the proof they’ve been searching for.

The remains of what’s believed to be a 14 year old girl who they have dubbed Jane has been found in a trash pit; Jane has cut marks in her skull which proves cannibalism. It’s believed that these marks were caused with an ax or machete, and there are what definitely what appears to be hesitation marks. They believe her tongue, cheeks, and brain were cannibalized, you can see the marks where they pried her skull apart to get to her brains.

This is a remarkable discovery, but there are still some questions which will likely never be answered. How did Jane die? Was she murdered for her flesh? Had she been dismembered and eaten by the colony, or a lone man? In my humble opinion, the culprit likely did this in secret. Jane’s corpse was hidden under a trash dump, and that was not common; the settlers were big burying their dead, so why would they not bury a 14 year old girl?

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