The World’s Youngest Serial Killer, & Today He’s Free

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Bihar, India in 2007-
This little boy is the world’s youngest known serial killer. Amardeep Sada was just 7 years old when he began taking lives, and 8 years of age upon capture. Amardeep’s victims were all very young; the boy strangled his own 8 month old baby sister to death during play time, and a few months later he did the same to his 6 month old cousin. He was only stopped after his third kill, a baby which was of no blood relation.

One of the most disturbing facts about this case is that Amardeep’s parents had been aware of exactly what was going on, but instead of getting the child some help, they simply helped cover up for his crimes. Matter of fact, the entire family knew what Amardeep had done yet no one bothered to notify the police because they all considered the murders to be a “Family Problem”.

It was only after Amardeep murdered a neighbor’s 6 month old baby girl that he was busted. The baby’s mother had left her at a local school while she attended to household chores, which is common in this culture. Amardeep kidnapped the sleeping baby girl from the school where she had been sleeping, and took her into the woods. He beat her to death with a brick, then attempted to bury the infant in a shallow grave covered with grass and leaves.

When questioned, the murderous kid freely admitted to what he’d done; he talked about his actions like it wasn’t a big deal, and even asked the interviewer for cookies. Amardeep had no problem leading authorities to the remains of his tiny victim, and he reportedly laughed as he did so. He was arrested on May 30th of 2007.

This case received the attention of psychologists world wide; Amardeep has since been diagnosed a sadist, meaning he derives pleasure from causing harm to others. He was also diagnosed with having “conduct disorder” as the kid has absolutely no sense of knowing right from wrong. It was believed by his doctors that this was likely caused by a “chemical imbalance” which could be cured with medication. Sounds much more along the lines of an incurable condition known as antisocial personality disorder to me, but what do I know?

So, in India a child can not be punished for any longer than 3 years; that’s the maximum penalty. There is mention of a trial, but I can find no proof of one. There’s a good chance that Amardeep was merely sent away, hopefully to a mental health facility, and prescribed meds for his supposed chemical imbalance.

The media, understandably curious about the budding sociopath, contacted Amardeep back in 2015. He was living in a youth home for the next year, until he turned 18. So, for the past several years he’s been free; there’s no criminal record following this young killer around, and he’s apparently changed his name to Samarjit. He has a clean slate, it’s like nothing ever happened. Furthermore, there’s no mention of his parents or extended family ever being held accountable for covering up the first two murders. It’s sad, they easily could’ve stopped him after the first baby lost its life.

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