Christopher Wilder AKA The Beauty Queen Killer

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Christopher was a serial killer who stole the lives of at least a dozen women within the United States and Australia. Chris was born in Sydney, Australia; his father had been an American naval officer, and his mother an Australian. He has a couple of brushes with death as a young child; not only was he close to death at birth, but he nearly drowned in a pool at age two. By the age of 18 Chris had already been in trouble with the law for having raped a 13 year old girl along with two buddies while at a Sydney beach; he plead guilty and was sentenced to probation, during this time he also received electroshock therapy. Many believe that this course of treatment only exacerbated Chris’s violent sexual tendencies. At some point he became obsessed over the 1963 novel “The Collector” by John Fowles, in which a man keeps a woman in his basement against her will until she dies. A copy of this novel was found amongst his possessions after his death.

In 1968 Christopher wed, but he was unfaithful and the new Mrs. Wilder abandoned the marriage after just a week; the following year he immigrated to the United States. The killer earned a great deal of money in real estate whilst honing in on his photography skills; the man lived in a mansion on Boynton Beach, Florida, he purchased fancy cars, cameras, and boats to woo the ladies with.

Photo credit to 7news

Over the next few years Christopher would be in and out of court for various charges related to sexual misconduct. He eventually raped a young woman whom he’d lured into his vehicle under the guise of photographing her for a modelling contract; this would become part of his modus operandi during his later rape and murder spree. Though he was convicted multiple times, Chris never served any real time for these crimes.

Marianne and Christine, Photo credit to 7news
Photo credit to 7news

On January 11th of 1965 in Sydney to 15 year old best friends named Marianne Schmidt and Christine Sharrock were discovered on Wanda Beach. Christine had been beaten in head with an object, her skull was fractured and she was stabbed seven times. Marianne was stabbed more than 15 times and her throat was slashed with a seated blade. Both of these girls were sexually assaulted. Due to drag marks at the scene it appears that Marianne was the first to be attacked and Christine ran for her life; the killer caught up to the poor girl, and dragged her back to the scene. When he was through, the killer made no attempt at hiding the corpses. Though this case is officially unsolved, many believe that these were some of Christopher’s first victims.

During a 1982 trip to Australia to visit with his parents, Christopher was charged with sexual offenses against two 15-year-old girls whom he had forced to pose nude. Chris’s parents bailed him out and he was permitted to return to Florida to await trial, but court delays prevented his case from being heard. The initial hearing date was finally set for April 1984, by that time he was already dead.

Crime scene photo, credit to Criminal Minds Wiki

The first murder positively linked to Chris is Rosario Gonzalez; on February 26th of 1984 she’d been working as a model at the Miami Grand Prix. Christopher had been present, racing in his Porsche 911 that very day. Soon after, on March 5, Chris’s ex girlfriend, a Miss Florida finalist named Elizabeth Kenyon, went missing; these women have yet to be found. Chris was fully aware that he could easily be connected to these women, so he high tailed it out of town.

A beauty pageant, trolling for victims. See him sitting there in the background?

Our killer’s first victim whilst on the run, 21 year old Terry Ferguson, was kidnapped from a shopping center on March 18th; Terry was promptly raped and murdered. His next victim was a 19 year old who’d attended Florida State University; this young lady had been kidnapped from a mall, sexually assaulted, bound, thrown in his trunk, then driven to Georgia. During a stop at a hotel room that night, Chris tortured this poor girl: she’d been bound, sexually assaulted, beaten, and even electrocuted. This young lady was smart; after stating that she needed to visit the restroom she locked the door and violently beat on the doors and walls while screaming at the top of her lungs! This scared her would-be killer away – he vacated the hotel, leaving his living victim behind. From here Chris had travelled from state to state in search of women to murder; sadly he found quite a few while also managing to get himself on the FBI’s Most Wanted list.

Photo credit to 7news
Photo credit Criminal Minds wiki

While in California Chris spotted a 16 year old named Tina Risico; he offered the naive young lady a photo shoot, and she agreed. Chris believed that Tina would be perfect for aiding him in luring more victims, so the girl was taken hostage; together the two traveled to New Mexico then Indiana where a 16 year old Dawnette Wilt was sexually assaulted, asphyxiated, and stabbed. Fortunately this one somehow survived. With the help of his captive, Chris managed to murder a 33 year old woman named Beth Dodge; she was sexually assaulted and then shot.


On April 13th of 1984 Chris attempted to kidnap another young lady, but this one escaped; a BOLO was issued. When our killer stopped at Vic’s Getty service station to fill up his tank in Colebrook, New Hampshire, a couple of state troopers took notice. When the officers approached, Chris pulled out a .357. This killer was not going down without a fight; there was a scuffle, but one of the officers grabbed Chris from behind. Instead of being arrested, the killer decided to take his own life by shouting himself; that bullet went through the killer’s chest and into the officers as well. Though Chris did die from his wound, thankfully the trooper, named Leo Jellison, survived his injury. Christopher left behind his seven million dollar estate, and that was divided amongst his victims families.

Crime scene photo, Photo credit to 7news

As far as Tina Marie Risico, she was repeatedly raped, tortured, not permitted to change clothes, and forced to help the killer lure victims to their doom. But Chris came to see her as human, a partner in crime; he did not kill her. Matter of fact, just days because he killed himself, the killer bought her a plane ticket to California; Tina stated that the killer knew he was very close to being caught, and he didn’t want her to witness his demise. The man’s final words to his captive were to kiss him on the cheek then he said, “All you gotta do kid, is write a book.”. Sounds a wholeheck of a lot like Stockholm syndrome, doesn’t it? Tina has stated that she’d survived a very rough childhood which had included a prior sexual assault, and this helped her get through the ordeal. There’s very little known of Tina today.

Though Wikipedia says that Chris was cremated, according to Australia’s 7news his corpse was flown back to Florida.

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