Valessa Murdered Her Mama, Today She’s Free

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June 27th, 1998 in Tampa Bay, Florida-
As a freshman in high school Valessa Robinson fell hopelessly in love with an older man, 19 year old Adam Davis. Valessa’s beau would’ve been any decent mother’s worst nightmare; Adam was a known heavy drug abuser and dealer with a rap sheet as long as your arm, and he’d already served 6 months in jail for robbery. Adam’s best friend and constant companion, 19 year old John Wispel, had been no better. Valessa quickly became obsessed with Adam, and the feeling had been mutual; the teens quickly began having sex, and ingesting a myriad of drugs: LSD, ecstacy, cocaine, you name it. Whatever Adam and John had wanted to do, Valessa was game.

Valessa’s mama, 49 year old Vicki Robinson, was not perfect – but tell me, who is? Still, no one could’ve said that she hadn’t done her very best when it came to her daughter. Vicki was a caring, loving, and a very involved mother; there hadn’t been an abusive bone in her body. The mother had worked hard as a realtor in order to give her girls everything they’d needed, and she’d done it all alone. The Christian mom had been divorced from Valessa’s father, Chuck Robinson, for approximately two years, and dad had very rarely been in the picture since. He’d moved out of state in search of work, which left Vicki alone in Florida to tend to Valessa and her sister, Michelle. Since the separation, Valessa had been rebelling and lashing out. Vicki had never been okay with her eldest daughter dating an older guy, and particularly not Adam; she’d done everything within her power to separate the pair, but nothing she did would stop the willful young Valessa – she would simply sneak out of the house to meet with her love.

Vicki had been at the end of her rope; she was well aware that her now 15 year old daughter was headed down a dead end street so she’d painfully decided that her only hope was to send Valessa to a year long boarding school dubbed “Steppin’ Stone Farm” for troubled girls. Everything had already been planned out, and the young teen was scheduled to be whisked away within just a few short days. Sadly the desperate mother was out of her depth; the three teens would not allow Valessa’s mother to separate them, and Vicki would be dead before her plan to save her daughter ever came to fruition.

On the night in question, Valessa snuck out of the house to meet with her guys; the 3 of them stole Vicki’s van and drove to a local Denny’s restaurant where they’d concocted their deadly plan. Originally they’d intended to shoot Vicki up with enough heroin to cause an overdose; the group had driven all around town trying to score the illicit substance, but came up empty. The trio then purchased a syringe, got high on LSD, and drove back to Valessa’s house. Once inside, they attacked; Vicki was placed in a sleeper hold and injected with air and bleach instead. The ignorant delinquents had wrongly assumed that this concoction would instantly murder a person; of course this hadn’t killed Vicki, but it did result in unbearable pain. As Valessa sat on her Mama’s legs, Vicki was stabbed repeatedly in the neck and back; once the woman was finally dead, the killers placed the mother’s bloody remains inside a trash can and dumped her in the woods. After this was taken care of, they set about cleaning up their crime scene; the young killers stole their victim’s cash, credit and ATM cards, and mini van. They partied hardy, got new tattoos, and just had a grand ole time until they realized that the law was searching for them. At this time, the teens hit the road.

Valessa, Adam, and John were on the run for 6 days. Law enforcement was able to trace them through the electronic trail of bread crumbs left in form of their victim’s stolen credit cards. Finally the young outlaws were spotted in Texas; a car chase ensued, and the teens were taken into custody.

Up until this point, Vicki had only been a missing person; they hadn’t known for sure that she was dead until the teens told them where to search for her body.

Valessa initially confessed to playing an active role in her mother’s demise; in a deadpan voice, the teen girl even described what it had been like to stab the woman who’d loved her the most. After a few months of clarity in jail whilst awaiting trial, the teenager experienced a change of heart! Suddenly it had all been her boyfriend’s fault; now Valessa claimed she hadn’t even been in the room when the murder had taken place, she’d been getting high in her bedroom. The only thing the poor girl had truly been guilty of was not coming to her mother’s rescue! (Yeah, I know. I’m rolling my eyes, too.)

John Wispel quickly turned States evidence against his buddies; he pled guilty to 2nd degree murder and was sentenced to 25 years – matter of fact he’s scheduled for sometime release this year, in 2020. Adam, the boyfriend, sobbed like a baby during sentencing; he was found guilty of first degree murder and sentenced to death. Today he’s busy doing everything he can to get his sentence commuted.

As for Valessa, she had a phenomenal defense who ensured she was seen as a sweet and innocent child. The strategy was that Valessa was a victim, a child led astray by the adult men in her life, her codefendants. Somehow this actually worked; Valessa was ultimately found guilty of third degree murder and sentenced to only 20 years. Nevermind the fact that she’d been the one who initiated the murder plans, this killer ultimately served only 13 years of her sentence. In December of 2013, at the age of 30, Valessa was granted early parole. The last update I could find claims that she now resides here in South Florida, she’s married, and in 2015 she became the proud mother of a baby boy. I bet she hopes and prays every single day that her child isn’t as rotten as she was. Karma is a bitch.

*I’ve searched for an update on Valessa’s sister, can’t find much. If you know anything, I’d love to hear it!

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