The 4Chan Murder Of Amber Lynn Coplin

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Port Orchard, Washington-
30 year old Amber had been a divorced mother of 4 with a live in boyfriend named David Kalac. It’s unknown how much Amber knew of David’s background, whether she’d been privy to his violent criminal history including domestic violence.

All photos within this article have been going on Facebook or 4chan

On November 4th of 2014 David had spent a significant amount of time at a club; by the time the man finally returned to the home he’d shared with Amber, David was downright sloshed. He stacked the woman he’d claimed to have loved; David strangled Amber with his hands, beat her with an unknown object, then finished her off by strangling her with a shoelace.

The killer then posted a photo of his naked murdered girlfriend to 4chan and he wrote, “Turns out, it’s way harder to strangle someone to death than it looks on the movies.”. 4chan users had believed David to be a liar looking for attention, so David posted more pictures which stated, “She fought so damn hard” and “Check the news for port orchard Washington in a few hours. Her son will be home from school soon. He’ll find her, then call the cops. I just wanted to share the pics before they find me.”

The killer left messages for police throughout the house: on a picture he wrote, “She killed me first”, on Amber’s drivers license he’d written the word, “DEAD” then the killer left his victim’s licence by her head, knowing it would be seen. On the window blinds David had written, “Bad News”.
Sadly David had been correct: Amber’s 13 year old did come home from school and he was the one to discover his mama’s nude corpse on the sofa; as for David, he’d flown the coop.

I tried to be as respectful as possible while still showing the crime scene photos. Some may fell that simply posting a victim’s photos is disrespectful no matter what, and I can’t argued against that in many cases. But I will not humiliate this victim further by showing her private parts.

David had stolen Amber’s car and was on the run. The killer called a few friends, then 911 but he did not give up his location. Again he posted to 4chan, “I bought a bb gun that looks realistic enough. When they come, I’ll pull it and it will be suicide by cop.”.

The next day, police spotted Amber’s car driving down the road; there was a high speed chase but after David swerved into oncoming traffic, he got away. The killer was caught a few hours later, and he was charged with 1st degree murder.

David’s motive is still unclear; he blamed the killing on Amber having angered him while he’d been drunk, but many who know him claim David has been having an affair with a man, and Amber had recently discovered this. Many believe that this is why Amber lost her life.

During his murder trial David did not deny killing Amber, though he did have this to say for himself, “The only thing I can say is, I am sorry and I will never forgive myself”. This killer is currently serving an 82 year sentence.

Last I checked Amber and David’s Facebook pages were still available, as were the 4chan posts about this truly senseless murder.

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