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After six months Instagram let me open an account! Hot damn!!!

*sorry I’ve been inactive, I’ve had a lot going on. I promise to actually post tomorrow. Promise!

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4 Replies to “GUESS WHAT!!!”

  1. I actually prefer your posts here, they’re so easy to follow and read instead of the comment clicking etc. But I’m very happy for you, you deserve everything good. You really enrich my world ❤️

      1. Oh shush, I’m just being honest. Your work reaches all the way to me in Sweden, and I can have a bad day, then the mail notification comes and I get giddy every single time 😊❤️

        1. I’m so sorry I’ve been inactive the last couple weeks. The death of my brother has just, it’s been so difficult to even string a couple of sentences together. I’m jumping back on the house now though! Thank you for reading, and your loyalty. I appreciate you! 🤍

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