The Murder Of Theresa Andrews

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Ravenna, Ohio in September of 2000

23 year old Theresa Andrews and her husband, Jonathan, had been childhood sweethearts, and they were just starting what should’ve been their long lives together. At this time they had been anxiously awaiting the arrival of their first baby; the couple had suffered a miscarriage prior to this pregnancy, so you can imagine their excitement. Theresa was a beautiful woman who would have made a fantastic mommy, but sadly she was never given the chance.

There are crime scene photos in this article! If you do not wish to see, please stop scrolling now!

Towards the end of her pregnancy Theresa met 39 year old Michelle Bica, who also claimed to be pregnant, at their local Wal-Mart. Michelle struck up a conversation and quickly befriended the young mother to be; come to find out the women lived within blocks of one another. When Michelle learned that Theresa and Jon were selling their Jeep, she claimed to be in the market – this is how she lured Theresa to her house. On September 27th the woman called her victim and asked her to come show the vehicle. While still outside in broad daylight, Michelle shot the young mother to-be in the back, quickly cut the baby out of her womb, and dragged Theresa’s mutilated body 18 feet into the garage where she would be buried.

Later that day Michelle called her husband, a corrections officer named Thomas, to explain that their baby had been born! Her water had broken so she’d called an ambulance; she’d barely made it to the hospital in time! She then stated that, due to an outbreak at the hospital, they’d sent the new mommy home to care for the baby. Oh, and surprise – it was a boy, not a girl as they had expected.

Michelle and the baby she’d stolen

The healthy newborn baby was named Mikey. And bless Thomas’ heart, by all accounts he’s a good man; it’s not his fault that his wife was a psychopath. The man was overjoyed to finally have the child he’d always wanted, he had never suspected a single thing – but neither had anyone else who’d known Michelle. She was overweight, and in her maternity clothing no one ever had any doubts as to the legitimacy of this pregnancy. Michelle attended birthing classes, she spoke of water retention and all the other things a pregnant mama would complain about, and people swore they’d even felt the baby move when they touched her stomach. Yes, it’s safe to say that Michelle was a very accomplished liar, she’d had everyone completely hoodwinked.

The day after the baby was born, Michelle actually ordered and received 4 tons of gravel. Neighbors definitely noticed, and they found this a bit strange – why in the world would a new mama with a one day old be so concerned with gravel? But Michelle was, and she worked hard to spread that gravel over the secret she’d been hiding in the garage.

*I had a crime scene photo of the victim here, but a family member of the victim messaged and asked me to please remove it. I’m not trying to hurt anyone with my writing, so it’s been removed. To the family, my apologies 💚 if my work caused you any pain.

Meanwhile, Teresa’s family had been frantically searching for their missing loved one. All they knew was that she’d gone to show someone the Jeep that Wednesday and she’d never returned home. It was very quickly realized that something was terribly wrong, and soon the whole community was out searching for the missing pregnant woman. Well, everyone except Michelle, who was having a party to introduce her stolen infant. Her unsuspecting husband handed out cigars while Michelle passed the baby around.

Due to phone records police were eventually able to confirm that Michelle had phoned Theresa just before she’d gone missing – she must’ve been the one who’d inquired about the Jeep. On the fifth day they interviewed the woman; while her story was sketchy, police needed to confirm that she’d been lying. At approximately nine o’clock that night police returned to the home; Michelle realized that her house of cards was caving in, and before anyone had the chance to arrest her, she placed a gun in her mouth and pulled the trigger. Her frantic husband had been on the phone with 911 when it all went down, there is an audio recording.

Police searched the residence for Theresa’s remains; in the garage they discovered a tiny piece of clothing sticking up out of the gravel. The healthy baby boy, who weighed 8 pounds and 6 ounces, was found sleeping peacefully in a crib. He was taken from John and given to his real father; he was given his rightful name, the one his mama had chosen for him: Oscar Gavin Andrews.

Thomas has taken a polygraph to prove that he had no idea what his wife, Michelle, was up to. He was left confused and heartbroken, grieving for the family he’d thought he had. Such a sad case for everyone involved.

It always just amazes me how common these Fetal Abductions have become, we hear these absolutely tragic cases much too often. No one ever gets away with this, yet it keeps happening! If you’re pregnant, please be cautious.

I wrote about this case years ago, the photos are from YouTube. I can not find the video now, nor the 911 audio, but if I do run across them I’ll add to this article. This is a link to a site in remembrance of Theresa:

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  1. I was young when this happened and it happened literally a couple blocks away from our home. I always felt safe in our small town. We never locked our doors and this case shook all of us. I remember realizing as a child how sick and twisted people really could be. I never felt quite as safe in our town again.

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