Mitchelle Blair

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Detroit, Michigan,
On March 24th of 2015, Mitchelle Blair was arrested for the torture murders of two of her four children. In August of 2012, nine year old Stephen was killed; on May 25th of 2014, his 13 year old sister, Stoni, lost her life. This mother says that, though she meant to cause Stephen severe physical harm, she did not intend on killing him; that said, she does openly admit to intentionally having murdered her daughter, Stoni. Mitchelle was only arrested after her children’s remains were discovered piled on top of one another inside her deep freezer after an eviction from her apartment.

There’s little doubt as to what transpired inside that home as Mitchelle has absolutely confessed, multiple times, with zero remorse. She speaks of her two murdered children as if they were strangers, even saying that they are not her children – she refers to Stoni and Stephen as demons.

This mother starved her children, and she kicked and beat them, sometimes with a stick. She not only sprayed Windex on their wounds but forced them to drink it. Mitchelle beat them with an electrical cord, and burnt their genitals with scalding hot water to the point that Stephen’s flesh actually came off. The boy was even lifted up off the ground when a belt was tied around his neck until he passed out; plastic bags were placed over both children’s heads until they lost consciousness, then Mitchelle would allow them to recover so she could suffocate them again – this was done over and over again.

According to the medical examiner, Stoni literally suffered too many injuries to the head to count; both children had broken teeth and severe burn patterns. And it’s not like all this was done in a day or two – no, this was long, drawn out torture at the hand of the one person in this world who was supposed to protect them. When Stoni and Steven were finally dead, Mitchelle forced her oldest daughter, Gabby, to help her move their bodies to the deep freezer kept in the living room. Can you imagine that? It’s psychological torture!

So, why in the world would a mother do this to her own flesh and blood? Mitchelle was trying to force them to confess to sexually abusing their 6 year old brother, Matthew. The more stories that Matthew would tell, the more violent his mother would become; at first the victims denied what Matthew claimed they’d done to him, but eventually they did admit to everything. Now, this does not mean that Stoni and Steven ever did a thing to Matthew – it has been proven time and again that even mentally sound grown adults will eventually falsely confess to anything after enough torture; these children would have said and done anything to stop the abuse. There’s absolutely no physical evidence or anything at all which indicates that Stoni or Stephen ever abused their little brother. It was likely all a story, and you gotta wonder, was Matthew’s way of keeping himself safe from his mother’s anger?

There’s much evidence which points to prolonged abuse and neglect of all four of Mitchelle’s children. At the time of her arrest there were healed scars on the surviving two kids, and they were all extremely malnourished. Not only had these children suffered horrific abuse, but they’d been terribly neglected as well. The subsidized apartment which they were evicted from was filthy, overflowing with bugs, excrement, and trash.

As for some background here, Mitchelle Blair had been abused and sexually assaulted as a child herself; she told her mother about it but nothing was ever done. As a young girl she was forced to see her abuser, her mother’s female friend, day in and day out even after she told her mom what the woman had done to her. She is, understandably, still extremely angry about this. Mitchelle’s children definitely knew that this was a major trigger for their mother; she’d had in depth talks with them about her sexual abuse, she’d told them exactly what had transpired, and how it made her feel. They all knew that sexual assault was the very worst thing they could ever do – the one thing their mother would completely lose her mind over.

Mitchelle is adamant that, no matter how awful her children had it, her own childhood had been much worse. Just think about that for a moment.
It’s also astonishing that no one noticed that two of these kids were missing. The children’s fathers were mostly absent; Stoni and her older sister, Gabby, have the same father, while Matthew and Stephen shared another. Steven Berry Sr. was in prison for years, but upon his release in 2014 he did ask to see his sons. He was permitted to spend time with only Matthew – not Stephen Jr. Mitchelle told her ex that his oldest son was angry his father because he had not made contact in so long; the man had no way of knowing that his child was already dead in the freezer. The paternal families had not been involved, and apparently Mitchelle was somehow able to deflect her own extended family and neighbor’s questions; how she got away with not sending these children to school is anybody’s guess. My point is, someone should have noticed when two out of four of these babies went missing.

Maybe the most frustrating part of this case is that it all could have (and should have) been avoided. DCF had undeniable knowledge that there had been severe abuse in the home. The Department of Children and Families had received a number of complaints through the years that all of Mitchell’s children were abused and neglected. In one instance it was reported that one of the girls had burns on her hands; later a complaint about bruises was made. One 2015 investigator’s notes stated that there was definitive proof of abuse, despite all of this and the physical shape of the home these kids were forced to live in, the children were never taken.

Today Mitchelle is serving life in prison, which is what she asked for: life with no parole. She says that if her state had the death penalty she would’ve requested that sentence. The woman is shockingly candid about everything she did to her children; she has never shown any remorse, and can be quoted saying, “If I had a chance to do it again, I would”. She became openly hostile when confessing to the judge after the prosecutor mentioned that there’s no proof whatsoever which indicated that Matthew was ever sexually abused. The fact that people can and often do falsely confess – especially young people – just doesn’t seem to compute for Mitchelle.

There is an update since I last posted about this case: Mitchelle has since lost custody of her surviving children. Yes, she did fight to keep it. The oldest surviving child, Gabby, now a high school graduate, has legally severed her relationship with her biological father. It’s noted that this may have been done so that she can receive the counseling she needs and her college education paid for by the government, which she is attending. Bless her heart, I hope she is able to overcome and succeed in life. Her father, Alexander Dorsey, is rightfully suing the state and DCF over Stoni’s murder. As far as young Matthew, he has since been adopted out, and the name of his adopted parents or whereabouts are not known. Hopefully he was young enough to recover from all of this, though he witnessed everything. The judge presiding over the children’s cases has said that both Gabby and Matthew are “thriving” today.

Mitchelle herself is not having an easy time at Huron Valley Correctional Facility. She only spent one full day in general population; on her second day she beat up another inmate, and since then she’s had nothing but trouble. On more than one occasion she’s been reprimanded for throwing her human waste at officers – her tray slot remains locked so that she can not do this again. Mitchelle is so violent that she wears a mask when taken out of her cell.

*If you’re interested, I’m adding the video of the court proceeding in which Mitchelle confesses to the judge. Be warned – it is graphic and extremely upsetting. If you’d like to hear exactly what Matthew claimed Stephen and Stoni had done to him, the details surrounding why this mother tortured her children to death, you want to see this. I was purposely vague on this subject; the victims are all children, and it’s just too graphic.

What do you think? Did the older children abuse Matthew? And IF they did, where did they learn that behavior from?


Update on my situation, for anyone who doesn’t follow me on fb. Right now I’m in Kentucky, got here yesterday afternoon. My brother, it’s bad. There’s internal bleeding, his ammonia levels are ridiculously high, he’s so swollen, resting heart rate is through the roof, he’s talking crazy – out of his mind, he can’t stand, sit up, or even hold a phone, and he’s so yellow that he’s orange. Last night he began throwing up blood, a lot of blood and they’re planning a surgery to stop the bleeding. They still haven’t said what they’re going to do about the bleeding in his stomach and head. My mom is determined that he’s going to beat this, but I’ll truly be surprised. I’m sitting at my aunt’s house in Bardstown at the moment. Everything is up in the air; I’m unsure where I’ll be tomorrow, how long I’ll be here, or what’s going on. I do have my little girl with me, and that is helping keep me sane. It’s really been awful. Though writing is the furthest thing from my mind right now, I’ll continue to post when I can. They may be updated articles from a couple years ago, but I’ll do what I can. I hope all is well with y’all.

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