Unit 731

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When you think of war crimes, the holocaust, and human experiments during WW2, what do you envision? Do you think of Hitler and the Nazis torturing innocent Jewish people? I do, too. But the Nazis weren’t the only ones; Japan did some absolutely horrific things as well – Hitler and his doctors had nothing on them! The Japanese didn’t really care who they experimented on, it didn’t matter what nationality they were, or the color of their skin. They were equal opportunity killers: Russians, Asians, Koreans, American soldiers, pregnant women, children, infants, fetuses, they all became victims.

Unit 731 was a large group of scientists established in 1936 to conduct their grisly experiments, and there were multiple 731 bases in China and Japan. Of course biological warfare was already a thing, but the Japanese were determined to improve it and to discover exactly what happened to the human body when these sorts of weapons were used.

This unit infected people with various horrific diseases such as the bubonic plague, syphilis, dysentery. They were responsible for infecting lakes and ponds in other countries with typhoid and cholera. These monsters made bombs containing anthrax and fleas infected with the bubonic plague; hundreds of thousands of innocent Chinese citizens died from these types of attacks. They infected rats with plague and sent them to other countries, or sometimes they would simply send the fleas over.

If this wasn’t horrific enough, they wanted to see precisely what would happen as their victim was in the act of dying (immediately after death was not good enough) so they dissected many of these poor souls while they were still alive. Keep in mind as you read this that no anesthesia was ever given to anyone, not for any reason; I mean, can you imagine the horror? They were very interested in amputation, how much torture a person could take and still survive.

One experiment was removing the arms and sewing them on the wrong shoulders. Frostbite and gangrene were of interest so they purposely inflicted this upon multiple subjects. Organs were detached just to see what would happen, or they were removed in order to tell how long it would take for the subject to pass. Sometimes they were disconnected and reconnected in different ways to see if that would work. Sadly, even in death these victims found no peace; the corpses continued to be experimented on.

The women’s experiments may have been the worst, or maybe I just feel this way because I am a woman myself. Venereal disease was of great interest, so of course many of these women were deliberately infected. These ladies were raped, forcibly impregnated by scientists and doctors so the pregnancy and infant could be studied and tortured. Many pregnant women were autopsied while alive – again, no substance was given to ease the pain. Some of the women delivered their babies and the experiments were conducted at that time. There are photos of all of this, pics which I will not be posting; its said that thousands of women and infants were murdered in this manner.

As with the Nazis, a doctor was in charge of these experiments; this monster’s name was Dr. Shiro Ishii. He is quoted as often asking the scientists in his charge, “How many logs have fallen today?”. Logs meant human experiments; in other words, the doctor was asking how many victims had lost their lives on that day.

On August 15th of 1945, the Japanese surrendered; all of unit 731’s camps were destroyed, along with most of the evidence proving that this ever took place. Still, Dr. Ishii could not allow the living prisoners to walk free; as his last act in charge, the diabolical doctor ordered that the 150 surviving “logs” be killed, and so they were. He also ensured that the disease riddled rats and fleas were released, this act alone is said to be responsible for up to another 30,000 Chinese deaths over the following 3 years.

The doctor then went into hiding, but in 1946 he was discovered and the US brought him in for interrogation. Instead of doing the world a favor and putting this terrible psychopath out of his misery, he was granted immunity – as long as he agreed to work for the United States; he did give up the results of his experiments and the germ warfare program. This piece of garbage lived to be 67 years of age before he finally succumbed to throat cancer in 1959. Though it’s thought that 400,000+ lives were lost due to this, many of the scientists involved in these atrocities were also given immunity in exchange for their findings.

There’s much, much more to this, many experiments that I haven’t mentioned; truth be told I’ve barely even scratched the surface. The whole thing was covered up very nicely, and swept under the rug – which is why many of us don’t know a whole lot about it.

*This is an edited repost from last year, I just don’t have it in me to research and write anything brand new right now. I just read an article today which spoke of a Nazi being tried for his crimes; it may have been a People magazine article, but that’s what made me think of posting this. Again, please keep in mind that my specialty is criminology, not history. While I do my absolute best to ensure that my posts are 100% accurate, forgive me if I have made a small mistake. I try, I always try. For those of you who might be wondering, my brother Jeremy came out of his surgery to stop the internal bleeding and has been transferred from one icu unit to another. I think he actually may have a fighting chance now! Yes, it is alcoholism, he’s 38 years old and dying from alcohol. It’s just terribly sad. I’m in Louisville/Bardstown now, and there’s still no telling when I will be going home to Florida. Once this is over, that’s my guess, though there’s no telling how long that’ll be. Thanks to those of you who have sent prayers and well wishes. Please keep them coming, I truly believe it makes a difference! I’ll add a photo of me and my little girl on the plane 🤍

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