The Babysitter Killer

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Someone was killing children in Oakland County, Michigan from February 1976 – March 1977. This person murdered at least 4; both male and female kids were kidnapped, 2 of each. The killer was holding them captive somewhere for a good deal of time, sometimes weeks, and when he was done with the kids, he took great care in preparing their bodies before dumping them. The killer would bathe the child, meticulously wash and even iron their clothes, and dress them back up the very same way in which he had taken them. Finally he’d leave their remains in an area where they were likely to be promptly found, such as a shopping center parking lot or a residential neighborhood. The corpses were all discovered in the same pose: eyes closed with their arms crossed over their chest.

Sketches of the suspect

3 out of 4 of the children had been suffocated to death; the other, a little girl, was shot in the face at very close range. The shooting was definitely out of character for this killer, something must’ve gone wrong for him to have used a firearm. The 2 boys had been bound and sexually assaulted multiple times, they were both found with ligature marks on their arms. The girls were not believed to have been molested – which is curious, why did he bother to take the girls at all?


12 year old Mark Stebbins is the first known victim. On February 15th of 1976 the boy had been out playing pool with his family when he decided to walk home alone. The American Legion Hall was not far away from home, Mark should’ve been there within minutes, but somewhere along the way on this bright Sunday afternoon he was kidnapped. Mark’s super clean body was found 4 days later, he was wearing the same hoodie which he had last been seen in.


The second victim was 12 year old Jill Robinson, who’d gone missing just days before Christmas – on December 22nd. The following day her bike was found behind a convenience store. Jill’s corpse was discovered one day after Christmas, the killer had dumped her in view of the police station! Jill was the one victim who’d been shot in the face, and she was found with her backpack.


The 3rd victim, 10 year old Kristine Mihelich, went missing just a week after Jill. Kristine had taken her bike to the store, and somewhere along the way she met with foul play. She was kept captive for 19 days before her killer left her body on a pile of snow near some houses. The 4th and final definite victim was 11 year old Timothy King, and he was last seen riding his skateboard on March 16th. Timmy’s father was understandably devastated over his son, and he had printed a letter in the paper which stated that when Tim came home he was planning to buy the boy his favorite meal: Kentucky Fried Chicken. The killer must’ve read what Tim’s dad had written; during autopsy it was discovered that, as a final meal, the child had been fed KFC.


There are a few more victims who may be contributed to this killer, such as ten year old Amy Mihaljevic who was abducted on October 27th of 1989, more than a decade after the others. She was taken from a shopping center, and her little body was not discovered until February 8th; this killer had kept Amy alive for months. Unlike the first two girls, there was evidence which points to sexual assault. So since the modus operandi is a bit off in these cases, they’re not positive there’s a connection but it is possible; with the aforementioned children there are no doubts. I’ll leave a good link at the bottom of this article in case you’d like to explore this for yourself.

There are quite a few suspects, more than one pedophile has been taken off the street due to the investigaton of this case. It’s known the killer must have had a secure location where he kept these kids for such long periods of time, and that more than one person was involved – absolutely no less than 2.


The suspect who makes the most sense was a man by the name of Christopher Busch. Chris had recently been convicted of molesting multiple kids; his father was a very wealthy GM executive with plenty of clout, which is the likely reason why his pedo partners were sent to prison yet Chris here never spent a single day as an inmate. He was given a polygraph test, which he was deemed to have passed, and this child abuser was simply released. Recently experts have looked at the results of said polygraph and they all disagree with the original findings; the man had absolutely failed the lie detector. Why did officials blatantly lie for him?

There will never be any justice as far as Chris goes, because he “Committed Suicide” soon after this – though this supposed suicide appears to be anything but! He supposedly shot himself between the eyes with a shot gun. Already sounds fishy, doesn’t it? There was absolutely no gunshot residue whatsoever to be found on Chris, yet 3 spent bullet cases were found in the room, and the bullets from those extra cases were never found.

Couldn’t find the unedited crime scene photos of the “suicide” – trust me when I say that I tried!
Bloody rope found in the closet, what do you think?

Within this room investigators discovered bloody ropes, the kind that would’ve left the ligature marks on the children who’d been killed. But the scariest part? There was a drawing hanging on Chris’s wall. It’s of a young boy wearing a hoodie, and he’s screaming – it’s just terrible to look at. It’s believed that this is a drawing of the first victim being assaulted. It’s commonly believed that Chris’s accomplice (or accomplices) murdered him and staged the scene, leaving the bloody ligatures and the drawing of Mark to point the finger at Chris.

Mark’s family believes this is a drawing of their loved one being tortured. It should also be mentioned that when the boy was found, his hoodie was pulled up over his head just like in this photo.
A chilling side by side.

In the past few years this case has been looked at again, and hairs were discovered on the clothing which belonged to the two male victims. These hairs can not be traced back to Chris, however they are a match for a teenaged male friend of his by the name of Archibald Sloan. And think about it – a 14 or 15 year old boy could’ve easily met these young victims and convinced them to go with him – they were very unlikely to have hopped into a vehicle alone with a grown man such as Chris. It would explain how it had been so easy to get these kids to go missing in broad daylight without causing a scene. Sadly you can’t convict a person on hair alone, and those ropes which were found at the scene of Chris’s suicide, the ones which very likely could’ve solved this case? They are gone, just missing from evidence.

The drawing which is believed to be Mark can be seen hanging next to the door. These crime scene photos were found on Catherine Broad blog

Hopefully someday this one will be solved, the accomplices need to be brought to justice and these families need some closure. There are some other theories, including Wiccan sacrifices (sounds like utter bull crap to me. I don’t know of ANY wiccan who would do any of this – they believe you get back what you put out) but it is a theory. In my opinion, I’d be looking at some of the officers who worked the case when this happened.

*This is one of the victim’s father’s site. Tons of extra info available here, including Chris’s suicide report so if you care to dig any further this is a fantastic place to start: *The links I promised containing info on the other possible child victims and possible killers: And this one:

*The series Dark Minds did an episode on this case, It’s been a couple years but I’ll attempt to locate it and link you. If you’re unfamiliar with the series, I find it pretty interesting. Though I’m not an enormous fan of the host (just personal opinion!) they do consult with some very well known serial killers – “Raven” is believed to be Keith Jesperson, and “13” Joel Rifkin. Found it!

*I apologize for the infrequent posts, I’m trying. Still in Kentucky for my brother, no idea when I’m going home. It’s been hectic, to say the very least. I do hope you’re all doing well.

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