The Facebook Killer

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Miami, Florida in August of 2013 –
Imagine that it’s an average day, you’re scrolling through Facebook as usual when you see a picture of your loved one; you notice she’s laying in a very awkward position, and that she’s bleeding. At first you probably think it’s a prank, your mind won’t allow you to understand what you’re seeing – but then you notice it’s her husband’s post, and he’s admitted to killing her!
This is how 26 year old Jennifer Alfonso’s friends and family were notified of her death: on Facebook.

Jennifer’s husband, 31 year old Derek Medina, uploaded the picture to social media along with this caption: “I’m going to prison or death sentence for killing my wife. Love you guys, miss you guys, take care, Facebook people will see me in the news. My wife was punching me and I am not going to stand anymore with the abuse so I did what I did. I hope you understand me.”.

Derek claimed that his wife of three years was the one who started the fight. According to him, Jennifer was on heavy drugs and had been abusive for years; on this particular day she had hit him, thrown things at him, and pulled a knife. Derek claimed he had been afraid for his life, so he’d shot her. But this husband didn’t shoot his wife once or twice, he shot Jennifer 8 times – all in self defense, of course!

Fortunately Derek had forgotten about the expensive security system which had been installed in their home, including the CCTV which caught much of the day’s activities on tape, and the video told a very different story. The argument had begun upstairs, and Jennifer really had thrown things at her husband – a towel, and some mascara. Derek first pointed the .38 at Jennifer while in the bedroom; then the video shows the couple downstairs arguing while Jennifer was standing at the sink, washing dishes. Derek left the kitchen for a few moments, then came back with the gun again; this time he shot his wife repeatedly. After she was dead, Derek snapped a pic of his wife’s corpse on his cell phone and quickly uploaded it to Facebook.
Jennifer’s 10 year old daughter was in the home at the time of her murder, she was in an upstairs bedroom the entire time. I

During trial, the prosecutor proved that Derek, an undefeated amateur boxer who stood at 6 feet tall and weighed 200 pounds, had vowed to kill Jennifer if she ever tried to leave him. Jennifer’s loved ones testified that, although she was terribly afraid of her husband, Jennifer absolutely was planning to leave. The medical examiner also gave testimony that all 8 shots were made in a downward trajectory, meaning that Derek had been standing above her. The position in which Jennifer’s corpse was found proved Jennifer had been on her knees when she was shot; it’s very likely she was actually begging for her life when she was killed. There was also no evidence to back Derek’s claim that Jennifer was abusing drugs.

Derek was found guilty of second degree murder and sentenced to 25 years to life. Just before he learned his fate, the killer made this statement in court:
“Focus, Barack Obama, president, on this corrupted world that I will be suing. Focus again, presidents and future presidents, of the world. Okay. I will be suing this world. Not only that, on Freddy the movie by Universal Pictures, came out with a movie before my trial, which was unfair. Okay, which is bias. And, um, pretty much the point I’m trying to make is I did not get a fair trial. I will be taking action. I will be suing, and I want Barack Obama, the president of the United States of America, to focus on corruption. Corruption is a big problem that we have in the United States of America and all over the world. Nothing further. Oh, God knows the truth, and nothing further.”

* This is the most difficult thing I’ve ever had to write. My only brother, Jeremy, passed away just before noon this morning. We do not know what we’re going to do, How we’re going to get him buried (his wish was to be buried) or even cremated. I know I’ve asked so much when it comes to my brother, but I do not have a choice – We have to do something with him! If you can afford to donate, please do. If you can’t, it’s okay; I know I’ve had to ask for help with my brother so many times but, I don’t have a choice and this will obviously be the very last time I’ll ever ask. I have Facebook pay,
My PayPal is or the link to my PayPal is:
My Venmo is:
And my cashapp is:
Again, if you would like me to pay you back, I swear to god I will. I’m just desperate. Also, I’m sorry this is a repost from last year. I can’t think to write but I feel guilty when I don’t post and it gave me something to focus on. Please pray that everything will work out as far as a funeral, for my family, for my mama especially. I’m terrified she’s going to have a heart attack. If you’re not a prayer, please send good vibes or whatever you got. The next week is going to be hell on earth.

This was yesterday, i think. The days have all blended together.

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4 Replies to “The Facebook Killer”

  1. I am so, so sorry for your loss, baby Bear 😔❤️ I’m going to check if I can donate something small when I get my disability check in about a week. Hurts my heart to hear this, I know you’re hurting so much ❤️ Sending love to you and your family ❤️

    1. Thank you. My heart is broken. We’ve been through this so many times with him, where the doctors said he wouldn’t make it out but he did. I thought for sure he’d walk out of there again. He didn’t. Right now I’m in shock. It’s like I’m talking about someone else, can’t be my brother! It’s just unreal! My husband, my boys, and my two pups are on their way here right now, they should be here around 7 tonight. I think I’ll feel better once they get here.

      1. Losing your brother that young shouldn’t even be allowed by the universe. It’s just wrong. I hope/think he’s in a better place without struggles and you’ll meet again when it’s time, many years from now. I’m glad your family is coming to be with you, and I wish you lots of hugs and hubby’s embrace to cry in. You’re strong, you’re amazing and you’ll get through this even though you are shattered right now. Allow yourself to bawl and mourn, do the “ugly cry”, it’s my thing, snot and swollen face just letting it all out. Don’t hold back. You’ve got this ❤️

        1. Right now it’s like I’m in shock, you know? I know it’s going to be rough when I get back home to Florida. There’s people around, things to do, we’re trying to get my brother laid to rest, there’s things to keep me busy. When I’m home, I’m scared of going home.

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