The Pitiful Bride Of Hitler

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Eva Braun. This name doesn’t usually evoke much sympathy to those who hear it, but Eva led a miserably tragic life, and death. She was a young, mistreated woman desperately in love with an evil man who did not return her affections, let alone respect them.

Eva was merely 17 when first met the 40 year old Nazi leader, and she’d had no absolutely idea who he was. Hitler told her his name was Herr Wolff, and that’s who Eva thought he was. Before she knew it, the young woman was desperately in love; the much older man did wine and dine Eva at first, but not for long.

Hitler with his niece/lover, Geli

Adolf was in love with someone else: his own niece, Geli Raubal. In September of 1931, Geli told her Uncle that she’d planned to run off with another man, and Adolf was heartbroken. The two lovers quarreled heatedly; in the morning, Geli was found dead with a self inflicted gunshot wound to the chest. Instead of Eva running like hell, this is when she moved in with Hitler; all in all, Hitler can be tied to 8 different women, and each of these unfortunate souls attempted suicide at least once – a few succeeded.

It’s very unlikely that all of the female deaths surrounding Hitler were actually suicides

All but one of these affairs happened after Eva was already in the picture; the best known being a famous movie star named Renata Mueller. The romance was much publicized, the two had a heated relationship and, according to the press, their sex life was hot and heavy. Nevertheless, Renate jumped out a window in 1937, and that was the end of that affair; back to Eva Hitler went.

Eva was anything but cool with her man’s affairs; since the only thing she’d ever witnessed which seemed to actually have any affect on Hitler was the death of his niece, a desperate Eva thought she’d give it a try. She shot herself in the chest with her father’s pistol; she survived, and though Hitler swore to settle down and care for the young lady who loved him so, he quickly went back to business as usual.

Throughout it all, Eva was Hitler’s dirty little secret, he hid their relationship as if he were terribly ashamed of her. His reasoning for this? Hitler wanted to remain attractive to the German women; he claimed that if the public discovered that he was in a committed relationship, this would lessen his sex appeal. Often Eva would be forced into hiding in a back room for hours on end or even days while people visited their home.

Around those who were aware of their relationship, Hitler often went out of his way to insult Eva; he is quoted saying, “A highly intelligent man should take a primitive and stupid woman. Imagine if on top of everything else I had a woman who interfered with my work! In my leisure time I want to have peace.“. Eventually, Eva was named Hitler’s “private secretary”, a title which made it acceptable for her to be around so much. It was better than before, but Eva was still forced to sneak in and out of her own home before and after work hours. Those who knew Eva described her as desperately in love, very lonely, and deeply unhappy.

Hitler is holding Blondi

In 1935, Eva went several months without hearing a single word from her love and decided, yet again, to end it all; she unsuccessfully attempted suicide with pills this time. Hitler begged her forgiveness, and swore to buy Eva a home of her own. He actually held up this promise, but in this new home he moved in the mother of his deceased niece. You remember Geli, the one who committed suicide immediately after she broke up with her uncle Adolf? Geli’s mother, Angela Raubal, absolutely despised Eva, and solely blamed the young woman for her daughter’s suicide. She reasoned that, had Hitler not been involved with Eva, her daughter would still be alive! You can only imagine how badly Eva was treated inside the walls of her very own home. It is said that Eva spent her time alone, reading in her bedroom; she was so terribly lonesome that it’s reported Eva took Hitler’s photograph to meals with her, staring at image of her love whilst she ate.

Hitler waited until the very last moment to marry Eva, until their demise was imminent. Eva had been given the option to leave the country, live out her life elsewhere. She refused to go to safety herself, swearing suicide if anything happened to her love; because of this, the Nazi finally did right by the woman who had stood by him through it all. One of his last actions on this Earth was murdering Eva’s beloved brother; he was shot dead just hours before they wed. Hell of a wedding present, right?

Supposedly Hitlers skull, and death photo

Just hours after their wedding, the newlyweds are said to have committed suicide. Even in death, Eva’s ultimate sacrifice, she was not cared for. While in the death bunker, they each committed suicide one by one; the first to receive the cyanide capsule was Hitler’s beloved dog, Blondi. A nurse who had been in the bunker claimed years later that, when Blondi died, Hitler “howled” with grief; when it was Eva’s turn to die, the man was still distraught over his dog. Not a soul in the bunker was nearly as upset about the poor woman as they were over Blondi the dog.
This was the life and death of Eva Braun.

Inside the death bunker. These photos taken from The Daily Mail
Note the blood stains on the couch

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