The Curse Of The Iceman

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In 1991, some tourists in the Alps found this frozen mummy. He had been lying there, completely undisturbed, since approximately 3,300 BC.

Oetzi The Iceman, AKA The Copper Age Man

It’s believed that the Iceman and a friend had been searching for food when they got into a fight, which is likely how he died. Amazingly there was still an Arrowhead lodged in his shoulder, and plenty of cuts and bruises are still apparent on much of his body. With DNA testing, the blood of 4 other people was found on him.

Now, this is where it gets interesting – some people believe this ancient corpse is cursed. Several who have had contact with the Iceman have suffered untimely deaths. The tourists who found him fell and died in a “freak blizzard”; the person who took scientists to Oetzi’s remains perished in an avalanche – he was the only person in his entire group to be injured. Within an hour of the funeral for the person who died in the avalanche, the person who was in charge of the rescue team had a heart attack and perished as well – the man was only 45. Then, the first person who inspected the Iceman who died, and the lead scientist was killed in a head-on car collision while driving to give a lecture on the Iceman! After that, the cameraman who filmed the ancient corpse being removed from the ice passed from a brain tumor. And this, famous last words from the expert archaeologist who studied him: “It is all a media hype. The next thing you will be saying I will be next.” Soon after he said this, in April 2005, this man died as well.

Today the Iceman can be seen in a refrigerated room at South Tyrol Archaeological Museum in Bolzano. It’s said he really draws in the crowds, about 300,000 come to see him annually.
Most recently scientists have stated that they’ve been able to link 19 generic matches to the Iceman through their generic records, this frozen mummy’s DNA lives on.


Sorry I haven’t been writing. Last night was my brother’s Florida memorial, and just knowing it was coming up had me a mess all week. It was really nice, being with my brother’s best friends who were like little brothers to me growing up – it was comforting. I saw my stepfather who I loved so much as a teenager, too. I’ll add some photos for those of you who aren’t following on social media. Now that everything’s done with my brother, I feel that I can start getting back to normal – which means writing and posting regularly again. This should be my final update on this site pertaining to my brother. I want to say thank all of you for your support and understanding these past few months, this has been the most difficult time of my life. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. -Crystal

Me and my cousin, Amanda Wroblewski
I was crying my eyes out seconds before this photo was taken, a god deal of my brother’s friends has already left
My oldest, Andrea Gayle, is on the left; this is our cousin Savanna, Amanda’s daughter.

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