Killer William Cornick

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Leeds, England
On April 28th of 2014 a 15 year old student by the name of William Cornick stabbed his teacher, Mrs. Ann Maguire, 7 times in the back of the neck right there in her Corpus Christi Catholic College high school classroom.

61 year old Ann Maguire

William had been holding a grudge against the teacher for quite a long while, but when she stopped him from attending a field trip to a bowling alley because he hadn’t bothered to turn in a homework assignment, that was the straw which broke the camel’s back. William defied his teacher by attending the trip anyhow; in turn Mrs. Maguire forced the teen’s parents to come pick him up, and she scheduled a meeting with mom and dad.

William was absolutely irate. He spoke of his hatred for this teacher quite often, the teenager even wrote of torturing Mrs. Maguire to death on Facebook! On the day in which the incident took place, William informed at least 10 peers of his murderous intentions; the teen also threatened that if his buddies were to rat on him, he’d come for them instead. It appears that everyone was deathly afraid of William – well, everyone except Mrs. Maguire.

In the middle of a Spanish lesson, William pulled out his 8 inch blade and asked the kid sitting next to him if it looked sharp enough. Then the teen stood up, winked, and began stabbing his teacher from behind; one wound sliced through her jugular. Mrs. Maguire ran from the room, with William in chase. She dashed towards the office of her friend, Mrs. Susan Francis; as soon as the blood soaked teacher entered her office, Mrs. Francis quickly secured the door so that the knife wielding teenager could do her no more harm.

Mrs. Francis hugged and kissed her injured friend, she gave what little comfort she could until the ambulance arrived. Mrs. Maguire had remained conscious throughout it all, she had been well aware that she was fatally wounded; the emergency room attempted to save the teacher’s life, but to no avail.

William, after realizing that he wasn’t going to get another stab at the woman he abhorred, calmly strutted back towards the classroom in which the initial attack had taken place. He’s quoted as saying, “Good Times” before being arrested by police; this killer actually asked the arresting officer if he could have some ice for his hand! William then proceeded to make small talk pertaining to sports and movies; he remained emotionless, save for the smile on his face.

Right after the murder, William is quoted telling the psychiatrist: “I wasn’t in shock, I was happy. I had a sense of pride. I still do. I know it’s uncivilised but I know it’s incredibly instinctual and human. Past generations of life, killing is a route of survival. It’s kill or be killed. I did not have a choice. It was kill her or suicide.”. William also stated that he’d held no illusions of getting away with this murder, he had actually wanted to be caught! This is why he committed the homicide during class.

In November of 2014 Will was sentenced to serve at least 20 years in prison. Believe it or not, there are also some who are upset over William’s sentencing! Many do not believe that a person this young should have been given such a harsh, open sentence with no definitive release date; others say that the young man isn’t receiving treatment which he needs. Aside from William’s father, no one else claims that this killer has ever shown any remorse for his crime, or for the trauma in which he put this peers through. Not only did those kids have to witness a cold blooded murder in their classroom, but many of Will’s classmates live with the guilt that they possibly could have stopped this murder had they been brave enough to tell someone.

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