Sweden’s Most Deadly School Murders

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Trollhättan, Sweden-
On October 22nd of 2015, 21 year old Anton Lundin Pettersson dressed up in a Star Wars Darth Vader costume, brandished a sword, and walked into one of Sweden’s most diverse schools.

He stabbed to death a 15 year old Somalian student named Ahmed Hassan, and a teacher’s assistant from Iraq named Lavin Eskandar. After he was done with these two, Anton actually stopped and posed with a couple of students who were under the assumption that Anton was simply dressed up for Halloween. When a 42 year old teacher named Nazir Amso demanded Anton take his costume off, the teacher was stabbed as well; Mr. Amso passed away 6 weeks later. Another student, just 15, was stabbed but thankfully survived.

When police arrived at the school, the sword toting killer tried to attack them; Anton was shot the top of the school’s stairwell, he died at hospital a couple of days later.

During a search of the killer’s home, police discovered that Anton was a wanna-be Nazi with extremist beliefs who was incensed over immigration in the area. He had been planning the attacks for quite a while; Anton’s goal was to murder non-Caucasians, but he didn’t tell a single soul. Suicide by cop was also part of his plan; the young killer originally intended to wear a Target on his chest so that police knew precisely where to shoot.

With a death toll of 4, this is the worst school attack in swedish history.

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